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Do you want to know what language dogs use to communicate? In this video from AnimalWised, we explain how dogs communicate so you can understand what your furry friend is trying to tell you and why they act in certain ways with other dogs. Keep watching to learn all about canine language!

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Dogs have a complex language and Different ways of expressing their Intentions to other living beings in This video from animal wise we explain Everything about the three main forms of Canine communication visual auditory and Olfactory doing so can help us Understand what our dog is trying to Communicate at all times [Music] Visual communication dogs express their State of mind or intentions with Specific gestures postures and body Movements a relaxed dog usually has Their ears raised but not facing forward Their mouth will be slightly open and The tail lured without movement on the Other hand when they are alert it is Common for their body to be directed Towards the stimulus capturing their Attention with ears forward and eyes Wide open they may also be subtly Wagging their tail and keeping their Body slightly arched forward when a dog Wants to invite another to play they Make a kind of bye during which they Keep their tails erect and wagging Pupils dilated and mouth moving they may Even show their tongue they may bark and Run around as an invitation to be chased [Music] There are two main types of Aggressiveness in dogs offensive and Defensive offensive aggressiveness

Occurs when the dog wants to be Threatening or prepared to attack to do This their hair may be bristled tail and Ears are up their pupils are dilated and Their nose creased in addition they may Have a snarl on their lips And fearsome teeth keeping the body Rigid and leaning forward [Music] Conversely defensive aggressiveness Happens when the dog feels threatened And wants to defend themselves in these Cases the dog usually places their paws Slightly back with their tail between Their legs and the ears back also their Pupils are dilated and mouth may be Slightly open to show some teeth their Nose will be wrinkled and their body Should be tilted slightly forward when a Dog is afraid they place their tail Between their paws and put their ears Back close to their head in general Their head and body will be pointed Downward with their muscles tight to Declare their good intentions and defuse A possible conflict after 30 different Signs have been identified in dogs The most common are licking the nose Yawning looking away sniffing the ground Sitting down moving slowly or turning Their back these gestures are known as Camming signals to show they cause no Harm dogs lie on their back put their Ears back avoid eye contact put their

Tail between their legs and may even Urinate a little this shows submission Auditory communication if facial Communication helps us to know the Intentions of the dog The signs that our dogs make inform us Of their physiological and emotional State Barkin is one of the most well Known dog signs but a dog can bark from Many reasons they could be excited want To play be alarmed at a stranger or even Simply want some attention if you want To know why your dog is barking you need To look at the context of a given Situation by asking at what stimulus They are barking and what is their state Of well-being Growling and dogs means there is Something wrong it can be a form of a Threat if the dog is aggressive or as a Warning if something is bothering them And they want to stop a dog whines Because they need help they want to be Taken care of or protected it could also Be because they want food or because They feel insecure when not close Likewise the cry of a dog means that it Is suffering intense pain or has been Frightened all of a sudden Harleen is Another sign dogs used to communicate Something there’s an instinctive Behavior seen in wolves used to locate Members of their group or coordinate a Hunt if your dog is lost or strayed too

Far on a walk they may hard to locate You Also some dogs howl when they hear a Certain sound such as a siren or even Some types of music did you know that Dogs also sigh dogs sigh for two main Reasons To relax after a situation of tension or Stress or because they are disappointed After waiting anxiously for something Which does not occur Finally with auditory communication we Have panting if they are panting it Could be due to a feeling of stress a Load is also common when they are overly Tired or hot in the latter case panting Helps to regulate their body temperature [Music] Olfactory communication smell is a Highly developed sense in dogs all kinds Of information can be transmitted by Sniffing another animal this includes Age sex social rank disease and Reproductive status you may be wondering How this is all possible dogs have Pheromones a type of volatile chemical Which are produced in glands located on Various body parts when a dog approaches To sniff another it can detect these Pheromones thanks to the Jacobson’s Organ this is located in the nasal Cavity which then transmits information To the brain oh that you knew hard dogs Communicate it’s important to know that

Much of canine language expressed as Adult dogs is learned as a puppy Especially during their socialization Period this is why it is so vital to Socialize your dog correctly as a puppy So they learn effective communication With others and do not develop Insecurities or behavioral problems Here above and in the description we Share a video in which we show you how To introduce to dogs these are general Methods of communication but all dogs Are unique if your dog has a notable way Of communicating please share in the Comments we’ll see you next time You

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