I would die laughing for these Animals 😅

I would die laughing for these Animals 😅
Hope you have a good time with these Funny Animals!

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[Music] Tell your mom okay Dall don't tell Her that just Devour he's going to devour his too Watch Balloon is a great toy for [Music] Dogs it's Mama you afraid of mom Is this fun Guys they literally came up and just Hugged on my Fe just to do [Music] This hi oh Hi okay down Down no No KY do something no down there [Music] Sit what do you got what do you got Crazy you Got [Laughter] Did he get you you're going to have a Brave Dog is he [Music] [Laughter] Scared Come On okay people tomorrow morning 10:00 A.m. Santa's coming To I want to kill kill my Mom kill My I want to kill my

[Music] Grand came home and this was on the Ground spilled it was full literally to The brim K let me fet You I just want to pet you maybe like Maybe like uh All [Music] Bird it was at this moment that he knew He F okay let's go Inside Ready Set said Sploop Bambini No got It I ain't going to lie me too when I Went on her page and seen her pictures I Said I Scare Goie your Dead he doesn't know what to do he's the Goat Prime [Music] B [Music] Not good okay okay I'm [Music] Trying when you tell your toddler it's Time for a day thatp yeah Now nap Time come On stop answering Back

Jeffrey come On Fore okay Oh my God oh my God Sing [Laughter] Yeah you know a dog you're a Bull start acting like One Jesus cross you're just going to sit There all day are you bloody weird Thing [Music] I'm The open the Door open the door call your cat without Calling your Cat [Laughter] Best acting goes Too [Music] [Laughter] Know [Music] But I am telling you right now that Mother that mother back there is not [Music] [Music] Real Gary oh my God you are [Laughter] Right touching I'm not touching you I'm Touching me not touching touching me

It's free Air Come on give me Aug give me Aug How are you going to get him Down [Music] Good Boy I CAU Him wait wait wait De2 in the Caral been look at delivering boosters Boy still fast as [ __ ] boy come get I don't think you have any idea how fast I really am I'm [Music] Fastest [Applause] No no no no No Hello what are you [Music] Doing he a sweet baby hello sweet boy Sweet girl whatever You head resting on my Computer my hand holding up his butt so He doesn't fall over nipple Out fast [Applause] [Music] Asleep you couldn't be any cuter look at This little tail you couldn't be any Cuter I don't give a goddamn half famous am or

Whatever it don't matter me CU I'm about That anyway so what I give a [ __ ] Every day I wake up and I ask myself how Am I going to be the biggest pain in the Ass that I can Be he's escaping the Killer is Escaping see the thing is when I'm tired And you running around on my head and Stuff it's okay but when you're sleepy And I'm messing with you it's a problem It's cool when you do it it's a problem When I do It there's a spider agie Aggie there's a Spider yeah thank you so much I know you Were napping but it's down it's down Here agie it's down yeah it's down here Down There wait you two get out the way so Agie can get it right aie it just went There it's just went in There I mean I kind of have OCD you mean Obcd you're Adopted it's true I adopted You everyday I wake up and I ask myself How am I going to be the biggest pain in The ass that I can Be how do I pet I don't know how how do I Pet how do I pet how do we Oh okay there you Go girl you can s pets if you went To

[Music] You [Music] H I really want some miso Soup oh my God Mis so Sou so I don't know if you've noticed But you're a dog and I'm a human and I'm Sorry to tell you this but you're Question well Adopted I honestly have no idea why he Does this um my working theory is that He's [Music] Stupid I was petting my neighbor's cat When Suddenly Look at what this damn dog wants me to Throw she walks out the house she walks Into the street she doesn't even look Where she's going and then bam she got Hit by a big ass truck what Sa guys this is a Cat what is It Say Otis Otis oh my [Music] Gosh Why My cat really loves Cheese um may I help you like do we got A Problem

And then a medium order of chili cheese Tots [ __ ] where is it where the Is it I swear to God you laughing Girl what did you Do what did you Do that's not good boy that's bad Boy what did you [Music] Do

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