Is it Bad to SLEEP Next to Your CAT?

Is it bad to sleep next to cats? 😴😾 While many people enjoy sharing the same bed with their feline companions, not everyone considers whether or not it is healthy for either ourselves or the cat. At AnimalWised, we look at the benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with a cat in our bed. We’ll look at both the physical and psychological impact sleeping next to our cat can cause, both good and bad. After you watch the video, you can decide whether this is a good option for you. If you want to know more, then you can check out the original article on our site here 👉

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Life in big cities means cats need to Share virtually all spaces within the Home after including our beds this leads Many people to wonder if sleeping next To a cat is actually bad we also make Question if children or vulnerable People should be allowed to sleep next To cats are you curious to know more Keep watching as we explain [Music] Those who enjoy sharing their bed with Cats are aware it is a routine which can Positively affect the well-being of both Us and our cats a feline purr helps us To reach a state of relaxation and Tranquility allowing us to fall asleep More easily this can lead to greater Emotional stability for both of us Even the cat’s body temperature which is Higher than a human’s can help us feel More cozy in winter likewise the Majority of cats which sleep with their Owners display more affectionate Behavior improving the bond we share Together Waking up with our cats can also be very Positive helping us to start the day in A good mood in addition we should know That sleeping cats are usually very Beneficial to children as the cat can Act as the totem of security Satisfaction and relaxation sleeping Next to a cat does have some Disadvantages some cat Guardians want to

Sleep next to a cat when they are Kittens but want their own space when The cat becomes adult if we stop letting Them sleep in our bed it can cause high Stress for the cat as they do not Understand why there are being rejected And expelled from one of their sleeping Areas another important aspect is the Quality of sleep in fact several studies Have shown that some owners experience Trouble sleeping when next to a cat this Is usually due to higher body Temperature in summer scratches or Movement from the cat or even dead hair Over the sheets in addition to the Aforementioned disadvantages we need to Take into account possible diseases Transmitted by cats Specifically zoonotic diseases which can Affect humans Allô cats with access to the outside are Most likely to develop disease even Indoor cats have the potential to Contract them the most common feline Diseases include fungal infections can Be Lou bacterio psious infections Lyme’s Disease Ringworm scabies in addition they can Also transmit external and internal Parasites such as ticks and tapeworms And encourage the onset of allergies or Asthma Is it possible to sleep next to cats Safely we can prevent them from going

Outside because this reduces fights with Other cats the spread of disease an Infestation of internal and external Parasites if your cat has been allied Out regularly you will need to prevent Access progressively we also advise you Brush your cat regularly in addition to Elimination of dead hair it will help to Detect diseases parasites and skin Problems more quickly Another important prevention method is Regular veterinary checkups every 6 to 12 months or so a specialist can do a Careful analysis as well as provide a Schedule for vaccinations and periodic Deworming remember that even indoor cats Can spread parasites if you have any Doubts about your cat’s health whether Or not they sleep in the same bed don’t Hesitate to take them to the Veterinarian if you share a bed with Your cat please share your experiences In the comments below give us a like if You find this video helpful and Subscribe for more to come we’ll see you Next time You [Music]

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