Is It LEGAL to Keep RACCOONS AS PETS ❌ What CARE Do They Need?

Is it legal to have a raccoon as a pet? And is it right to do so? How does it affect the raccoon? In this AnimalWised video we will talk about one of the animal ”trends” that has generated some pof the most controversy in recent years: the possession of a pet raccoon. We will talk about whether it is legal to have a raccoon, as well as how keeping them as pets affects the animal and the homes they inhabit. We also discuss the detrimental effect of abandoned raccoons on different ecosystems.

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A few years ago it became fashionable to Have a raccoon as a pet however many Professionals insist that returns are Not domestic in animals and keeping them In the domestic environment is their Responsible this is for both Environmental and ethological reason is It even legal to keep a record as a pet But care what they need if so would it Be right to keep one in the we tell you All you need to know in this animal wise Video is it legal to have a raccoon as a Pet the answer varies according to where You live in the USA it is completely Illegal to own a raccoon as a pet in Some states others allow keeping Raccoons but only along with the right Exotic pet permit to do so important Raccoons from one state to another is Usually illegal in Europe the raccoon is Currently considered an animal of Concern as an invasive species killing Livestock and being detrimental to Ecosystems keeping raccoons as pets Leads to irresponsible behavior and Abandonment meaning some countries will Apply a penalty for possession of Raccoons without the proper permit Before continuing we encourage you to Subscribe to our channel to stay up to Date on everything about wild and Companion animals especially their Welfare [Music]

Is it okay to have a raccoon in a home Beyond legality and penalties we should Know that the raccoon is a wild animal Which has not yet been domesticated for This reason some of the typical Behaviors of the species such as Displacement looking for food and Socialization are incompatible with Being kept in an urban environment this Is because the animal cannot carry out Inherent behaviors of the species Keeping an animal in captivity without Knowing their needs will lead to Behavioral and health problems seriously Affecting their health and well-being Abandoning raccoons we were able to find Raccoons and wild ecosystems far outside Their native lands of North America this Is largely due to abandonment of Individuals which were kept as pets when They reach adulthood many Guardians find Their behavior makes it impossible to Live together Abandonment shows a serious lack of Responsibility which results in grievous Harm to both the environment and the Ricchan themselves once raccoon Abandonment started taking place species Would breed and colonies of raccoons Were established hello not their fault Their presence results in the native Species of ecosystems being under threat And other serious ecological Repercussions we are yet to fully

Understand raccoon behavior unnecessary Care raccoons are nocturnal intelligent And especially active at night they Carry out marking behavior on trees to Delineate their territory often hiding In their hollows night is also when they Go out in search of food they need long Periods of the day to rest a body of Water in which to wash themselves and a Complete and varied diet sad diet Includes protein of animal origin fruit And vegetables an inadequate education Especially one based on punishment will Lead to stress and aggression so too Will denying them the ability to carry Out their natural raccoon behaviors for These reasons animal wise recommends you Do not keep a raccoon as a pet this Should be left to wildlife rehabber or Animal sanctuaries with the resources to Look after raccoons we cannot return to The wild do you know someone who’s Experienced with raccoons in the Domestic environment if so please share In the comments and give us a like if You found this video useful we’ll see You next time [Music]

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