πŸ’” Unfortunately, a few weeks ago the koala was officially declared an endangered animal. These animals are going through a difficult situation in relation to their conservation status, which is why urgent measures have been declared for their protection. In this AnimalWised video, we explain everything you need to know about why the koala is in danger of extinction and what we can do to protect them.


10 FACTS You Didn’t Know About KOALAS 🐨🌿 Find out! πŸ‘‰

Original article πŸ‘‰ 10 FACTS You Didn’t Know About KOALAS 🐨🌿 Find out!

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The koala is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most iconic endemic species But changes to their conservation status Means their future is under threat Urgent measures are underway for their Protection in this animal-wise video we Explain everything you need to know About the state of the koala [Music] Is the koala in danger of extinction The international union for conservation Of nature has recategorised the koala as A species in the vulnerable category With the declining population trend the Development of various recent events in Australia has increased the Environmental impact and risk to the Species future for this reason the Australian department of agriculture Water and the environment has declared An increase in the protection of koalas According to its own environmental law In addition the country’s scientific Committee for endangered species was Asked for an assessment regarding the Status of the koala given the alarming Situation faced by these animals in the Month of february 2022 the country’s own Minister of the environment announced That the koala has been declared an Endangered species a change from the Previous categorization of vulnerable Above we share a video in which we Explain some interesting facts about

Koalas How many koalas are there in the world In its last update in 2016 the iucn Estimated that between a hundred Thousand and five hundred thousand Koalas existed in the wild However in the year 2022 the australian Koala foundation estimates there are Less than a hundred thousand wild koalas Remaining Sadly every year around 4 000 die from Traffic collisions and dog attacks alone However these figures are estimates and It is likely the number of specimens is Lower meaning it is suspected as little As 40 000 koalas are left in the wild Only a century ago the koala population Was truly incredible however during the 1920s the species suffered a terrible Massacre and millions of individuals Were killed to use their pelts a history That informs the species current crisis Reasons why the koala is in danger of Extinction a previous evaluation carried Out by the iucn expressed the threats Koalas experienced to consider them as Vulnerable were related to the Alteration of their habitat which Included its destruction fragmentation And modification as well as wildfires And diseases this has resulted in their Exposure to other risks such as Predation by dogs and being run over by Vehicles in addition droids also in

Certain areas caused the death of these Animals returning to the statements Recently made by the australian ministry Of the environment they also specified The reasons the conservation status of These animals has changed these coincide With the threats to the koala expressed By the iucn including prolonged drought Forest fires accumulation of diseases And habitat loss over the last 20 years See some hope for the koalas with our Video on rescue koalas being re-homed After the recent wildfires If you want to help protect koalas we Recommend you support the australian Koala foundation the foundation has an Extensive support system so you can help A particular koala to best guarantee Their survival through adoption plant Trees to reforest their habitat buy Something in the solidarity store or Donate some money And if you want to continue watching Videos about wild animals don’t miss the Playlist we share here Tell us are you going to do your bit to Help protect animals in danger of Extinction let us know hi in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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