Mexican Dog Breeds – Existing and Extinct

Mexico’s culture and heritage is vast and rich, influencing the world with its art, food and historic tales. Equally, Mexican wildlife has inspired animal lovers all over, but do you know how many true Mexican dog breeds there are? AnimalWised can reveal that there are only two dog breeds which are officially considered Mexican: the Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog) and the Chihuahua. However, there are other breeds out there which are considered Mexican, some of which are still around, while others have unfortunately lost to time. Keep watching to find out more.

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Did you know that an actuality only two Dogs native to Mexico have been Recognized by international canine Organizations the other breeds Associated with the country are either Not officially recognized or are non Extinct however animal wise brings you All of these Mexican dog breeds both Past and present as well as providing Some interesting information about the Individual dogs the Chihuahua is one of The most popular breeds in the world for Its small size and adorable appearance Although its exact origin is unknown Archaeological remains confirm that it Is a native dog with Mexico most Theories claim it is a descendant of an Extinct Mexican dog known as that – Chi Chi or total Chi Chi this dog was Present during the age of the Toltec People with the dog appeared in Paintings and cave markings which bear a Striking resemblance to the Chihuahua The original dog breed is actually Called the chick hawk when yo the Chihuahua being a variation created in The US [Music] Archaeological remains place this breach Origins with the Aztec civilization with The only pre-hispanic Mexican dog being Alive today The ancient dog breed is characterized By its absence of hair and a friendly

Character for the Aztecs it is seen as The living representation of the spirit Cults specifically shigoto the guardian Of the underworld they believe the Mexican hairless dog acted as guides for The deceased and their passage to the Beyond for this reason they were Sacrificed and placed in the tomb of the Dead However the Mexican hairless dog was Also believed to be just as useful to Those still alive as was claimed they Had healing and protective abilities From maladies and bad spirits after the Americas were colonized the breed was on The verge of extinction however a Concerted effort was made in the 19th Century to revive and preserve the breed And is currently the most representative Of Mexican dog breeds continuing to Appear throughout many aspects of the Country’s culture [Music] This dog has not been officially Recognized by any organization something Reserved only for the first two dogs on Our list the Mexican pitbull also known As the Mexican bulldog or Chamaco Emerges a cross between different breeds Including the American Pit Bull Terrier American Bully and the Staffordshire Terrier unfortunately the dog has been Bred for fighting hence its name Shamu COO which translates as devil it is a

Very strong and muscular dog which is Tenacious and agile it’s smaller than American Pitbull early socialization and Proper education is necessary for a Happy and loving dog [Music] Large in size with black fur and Penetrating eyes the calippo is a wolf Heart that emerged naturally as a result Of crossing the gray wolf and Mexican Pre-hispanic dogs however was not until 1999 that the first dog of this breed Was identified only the Federation Colorful americana has recognized it and Established breed standards [Music] Throughout the years remains of extinct Pre-hispanic dogs have been discovered Many of which act as ancestor to the Breeds already mentioned other research Is ongoing the Universitat Autonoma de Mexico and other sources count the Following breeds common dog or it squint Lee trial Chi Chi Mayan or pug nose dog – no any other Mexican dog breeders do Not appear in our list if so please Share them with us in the comments if You’ve adopted any of the breeds into Your family let us know about that too Don’t forget to Like and subscribe and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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