MONKEYPOX in DOGS and CATS ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿฑโš ๏ธ (Symptoms, Contagion and Treatment)

๐Ÿˆ Are you worried about your DOG or CAT’s getting MONKEYPOX? In this AnimalWised video, we explain everything you need to know about monkeypox in dogs and cats. Discover what is monkeypox, look at its possible symptoms, know whether it is contagious and see what treatment options are available for your pets.


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Monkey pox has been in the news of late And it’s understandable we may worry About our animals being infected learn What we know so far with animal wise What is monkey pox monkey pox is an Infectious disease caused by a virus Belonging to the genus orthopax virus It’s a zoonotic disease meaning it can Be transmitted from animals to people Despite its name monkeys are not the Main reservoir of the disease this rule Seems to be played mainly by small Rodents such as squirrels dormice rats And mice monkey pox was first detected In humans in 1970 in the democratic Republic of congo to date it has been Considered an endemic disease in jungle Areas of the african continent however Cases of this disease have recently been Identified in various countries around The world with spain portugal and the United kingdom being the most affected Regarding dogs and cats the available Evidence is very scarce although early Indications imply the risk of infection Is low as no confirmed cases have been Reported Symptoms of monkey pox in dogs and cats The clinical signs with which this Pathology can present in our pets are Not precisely known it is intuited the Clinical picture could be related to That suffered by other susceptible Species

In general monkey pox present symptoms Similar to those produced by human Smallpox although it is milder The most common clinical signs are fever Anorexia lethargy and skin lesions such As macules papules pustules vesicles and Scabs Discover how to know if a cat is sick in The first info video we share on the Card above high is monkey pox spread Monkey pox can be transmitted in four Different ways the first is direct Contact with blood bodily fluids or skin Lesions from infected individuals Including people the second is close Contact with respiratory secretions from Infected individuals the third is Contacted with contaminated objects and The fourth is the consumption of meat From infected animals Taking into account the possible routes Of transmission of the virus we can Infer that dogs and cats exposed to the Greatest risk of infection are those That live with caregivers infected with The virus and those that have hunting Habits especially if they have access to Rodents Is monkey pox spread between animals and People Yes monkey pox is a zoonotic disease so Contagion can occur from people to Animals and vice versa Although dogs and cats are not the most

Affected it is equally important to take Preventive measures Treatment of monkey pox in dogs and cats There is currently no specific treatment Although there are antiviral agents such As tekuvirumat that have recently been Authorized for use against monkey pox Due to their experimental efficacy Despite having no curative treatment It’s necessary to establish supportive Therapy in infected individuals to Relieve symptoms control complications And prevent sequelae Support treatment is based on fluid Therapy to maintain hydration treatment Of skin lesions to prevent secondary Bacterial infections and use of Antibacterials in the event of secondary Bacterial infections Prevention of monkey pox in dogs and Cats the main prevention measures begin With quarantine dogs and cats of Caregivers infected with monkey pox must Be quarantined for 21 days so they don’t Come into contact with other people or Animals During this quarantine the health status Of the animals must be monitored in Order to detect possible symptoms Compatible with the infection Any sign of illness should be reported Immediately to a veterinarian who should Notify the relevant animal health Authorities finally all surfaces and

Utensils that may have been contaminated By the infected individuals must be Properly cleaned and disinfected If you want to continue learning about Possible diseases in dogs don’t miss the Playlist we share here While monkey pox is not yet spread among Companion animals there’s sufficient Threat to be observant and take Preventive measures Let us know your thoughts and we’ll see You next time [Music]

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