My CAT ATTACKS Me While I SLEEP 🐱🌌 (Causes and What to Do)

πŸ›ŒπŸˆ Does your cat attack you at night when you sleep? In this AnimalWised video about feline behavior, we review the causes that lead cats to bite their guardians while they sleep and what we can do to get a good night’s sleep without impairing the physical and mental health of our cat.


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Does your cat bite you when you sleep And you don’t know why At animalwise we explain the most common Reasons behind this behavior And what you can do to stop it this way You can get a good night’s sleep Without harming your cat’s physical or Mental well-being [Music] Why does my cat bite me when i sleep Cats tend towards crepuscular behavior Meaning they are often most active at Dawn and dusk however Anyone with a cat will know they can Exhibit nocturnal behavior And be plenty energetic during the night For wild felines in nature Night and early morning are the best Times to carry out their activities with Greater safety and precision Especially hunting we can say that Domestic cats carry some of this in Their genes This is why you will see your cat avoids Wasting energy during the warmer and Brighter periods of the day But is more energetic and predisposed to Play before sunrise and after sunset Understanding this we can investigate Why your cat goes crazy and bites you While you sleep Biting is part of their play behavior It’s important to bear in mind that most Of the games and activities we engage in

With our cat Are related to hunting if your cat bites You when you sleep It’s most likely a type of game for them It’s like any other hunting simulation They may enact during the day When we sleep they may exercise their Hunting instinct by trying to catch your Foot Hand or other body part looking to Entertain themselves Play and enjoy your company Lack of environmental enrichment Attacking you in your sleep Can occur more frequently if the cat Doesn’t have an environment enriched With toys Accessories and other stimuli such as Scratchers or walking platforms For this reason they tend to turn to Other objects in the home Or even their guardian to play jump and Express themselves freely They have a health problem if your cat Attacks you in your sleep and you notice They are very restless at night You will also need to rule out a Possible health problem there are many Diseases which can negatively impact the Behavior of cats When your cat displays any alteration in Their character or changes in their Habits You should take them to a veterinarian

To determine the cause Here are three tips to prevent your cat From biting you while you sleep Keep it from becoming a game when your Cat is still a kitten If you allow them to play with your legs Feet or hands as if they were their prey It’s understandable they will continue This behavior as an adult If you do this when they are young you Are establishing that this is acceptable Play behavior They will then most likely assimilate This as part of their routine and Behavior Into attitude Educate them from a young age the best Time to teach a cat how to behave Properly at home is during their infancy Therefore if you indicate that it is not Appropriate to bite you during this Stage And also offer them the appropriate toys So they can exercise their hunting Instincts properly You hopefully won’t have to deal with This bad habit in the future Here we share a video in which you can See what you need to do when caring for A kitten Enrich their environment another point You need to consider is the importance Of environmental enrichment Offer them a space with toys and

Accessories that allow them to develop Their sensory abilities Express their hunting instinct and Entertain themselves freely In addition to avoiding stress symptoms And destructive behaviors at home You will also encourage them to exercise Regularly and to exercise more stable And calm behavior at night One helpful accessory for cats is a Scratching tree Something you can learn all about in the Video we share here Remember it’s also important to spend Time during the day playing with your Cat By doing so you prevent them from Carrying out strange or exaggerated Behaviors to capture your attention While also stimulating them and Improving your bond together Finally if you have ruled out any Pathological calls and you don’t have The time to educate them correctly We recommend seeking the help of a Professional specialise in feline Training or education If you want to continue learning about Feline behavior don’t miss the playlist That we share here Does your cat keep you up at night share Your experiences in the comments And we’ll see you next time You

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