My Cat BITES and KICKS Me πŸ’₯🐈 (Causes and What to do)

🐱 Does your cat bite and kick you with their back legs when you pet them? Do you wonder if they are being aggressive toward you? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the 5 possible reasons why a cat bites and kicks you with their back legs, as well as provide some tips on how you can stop this behavior if it is problematic.


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You may have experienced your cat biting You hard Wrapping their front paws around you and Kicking you with their back legs It can seem very aggressive and make us Question our relationship Animal wise explains why cats do this And how to prevent it They are still a kitten biting and Kicking behaviour are part of a cat’s Natural Instincts from a young age kittens Engage in this behaviour while playing Because it helps them to learn skills For being an adult as well as testing Their limits and boundaries If a kitten bites and kicks at this Stage it is usually necessary play Behavior They have not been educated correctly if An adult cat bites and kicks you without Warning It could be very painful it usually Means there is something lacking in Their education Kittens learn by inhibition through play But if they have never been encouraged To play properly as a kitten They won’t know our boundaries as an Adult this is when it becomes a problem Early separation from mother and Siblings is usually a contributing Factor This is because it is with their mother

And siblings most of these lessons are Learned If a kitten gets too rough they will be Made to know it isn’t acceptable Gradually learning their play limits in This video we provide some basic Information on how to care for a kitten You’ve touched them somewhere they don’t Like if you pet your cat and they Suddenly become upset and attack you It’s possible you’ve touched them Somewhere they don’t like this can be Due to personal preference But it’s important to note if this Represents a sudden change in behavior In the latter case it may mean they are In pain in this area And we should take them to a Veterinarian for diagnosis It is also normal for a cat to get angry If you disturb them when they want to be Alone in peace This is why it is vital we register the Body language of a cat Otherwise we might miss warning signs to Leave them alone They have not been properly socialized This aggressive behavior could be due to Fear or negative experiences from their Past Especially if they have not been Properly socialized with people and are Unfamiliar with petting They only act like this with some people

Finally it wouldn’t be strange for a cat To display aggressive behavior with a Specific person if they have had Negative experiences with them Similarly it may be they are only Comfortable around their guardian but Are fearful of others Whatever the cause of this behavior you Should know your cat doesn’t do it out Of badness There are always reasons behind their Actions you should never scold or shout At them as it will only increase their Fare The following tips will help resolve This issue Stay still when your cat wraps their Claws around you Bites and bunny kicks with their back Legs you should remain completely still Any movement can encourage them to bite More this is because they either think You’re trying to harm them or that You’re engaging in play behavior Do not talk to or pet them it will also Be counterproductive if you try to talk Or pet them As they can take this as reinforcement Of their behavior in this case It’s best to say a firm no and stop the Game This way they will gradually learn that Body new makes their fun stop In general we shouldn’t play hunting

Games with our hands Offer appropriate toys instead to Redirect this behavior and help to Reinforce that biting and kicking us Is not acceptable our video will help With this redirection by showing five Games to entertain your cat Understand your cat if your cat does not Tolerate being petted perhaps because They want to be alone It’s important you learn how to Interpret their body language This way you will know when they are and Are not receptive know and respect their Limits Otherwise they will feel misunderstood Potentially becoming aggressive and Resisting human contact Let them get closer to you not the other Way around you may need to change your Usual way of interacting with them Let your cat initiate contact this way You will know when they approach you They are doing so out of their own free Will and are in a receptive mood for Play You can even try to motivate them with a Reward so they can associate you with More positive experiences Stroke them on the head and back finally When you pet them You should always do it gently and Slowly avoiding areas they don’t like to Be touched such as the belly or the legs

Ideally start by petting the top of Their head and progressively work your Way down their back If you want to continue learning about Feline behavior this playlist will help You to becoming an expert Does your cat bite and bunny kick you at The same time let us know more in the Comments And we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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