My CAT CANNOT URINATE 🐱 (Why and What to DO)

🐈 If your cat tries to urinate, but can’t, they may be experiencing dysuria. This means they have problem peeing. If they have anuria, it means they are not peeing at all. This is a very serious health risk for your cat, with potentially fatal consequences. For this reason, AnimalWised explains why MY CAT CANNOT URINATE, as well as what you need to do to address this problem.


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Some cats May pee inappropriately in the Home but it's just as worrying if they Don't pee at all animal wise explains Why your cat has problems urinating [Music] Hard to know my cat isn't peeing it's Not always easy to know if a cat has Stopped urinating or stopped urinating As much we don't usually go around Measuring their pee this is why we need To pay attention to any change in their Toilet habits looking at the symptoms of Problem peeing otherwise known as Dysuria can help we may see the cat goes To the litter box more or simply spends More time in there if they feel pain When urinating we may hear meows or Signs of distress we can look at the Litter itself to see how wet it is or if It is clumped as much as before if we See abnormal colors in the litter it's Particularly worrying urination problems Can mean the cat pees outside of the Litter box or even adopts an Uncomfortable position when doing so Paying small amounts is not the same as Marking territory so it's important we Look at the context of the situation we May also see they have stopped grooming Themselves as much other symptoms we may Observe are frequent licking of the Genital area bloody urine vomiting Diarrhea loss of appetite Tremors Convulsions heart rate disturbances and

Dehydration find out whether these are Signs of potentially fatal issues by Looking at the video we share above Now that you knew how dysuria in cats is Identified let's find out the possible Reasons your cat has trouble peeing Urinary Stones they can be made up of Different minerals are those true white Crystals are particularly common in cats Although the causes that give rise to Uralis are varied it's highly associated With a per intake of water food with a Low amount of water in its composition High magnesium content in the diet and Alkaline urine Urinary tract infections infectious Cystitis and urethritis usually generate Inflammation and a narrowing of the Urinary tract causing difficulty in pain In the feline External or internal masses that press On the bladder and urethra these include Tumors in both females and males or Inflammation of the prostate in males Although the latter is rare Inflammation of the penis this can be Caused by tight hairs wrapping around it Trauma there may be a rupture of the Urinary bladder or another part of the Genital urinary system urine continues To be produced but is not evacuated to The outside it's a very dangerous Situation since the cat is at risk of Acute peritonitis due to the presence of

Urine in the abdominal cavity other Causes may be stress diabetes Hyperthyroidism A congenital anomaly per Diet or even cancer What to do if my cat doesn't urinate if Your cat cannot urinate we are facing a Serious situation for this reason the First thing we need to do is go to a Trusted veterinarian to take a look at Our cat this is the best way to Determine the underlying cause of your Cat being unable to pee among other Potential issues the guardian of a cat With dysuria must be aware there is a Potential of death within 48 to 72 hours Of an emergency this is because acute Renal failure is generated and they can Enter the uremic kuma in a short time This is a consequence of the Accumulation of toxins in their organism The longer the time between the onset of Dysuria and the visit to the vet the Worse the prognosis as soon as you Observe the cat being unable to urinate You should go to the specialist to Examine them and determine both the Cause and treatment If you want to continue learning about Cat diseases and Veterinary advice don't Miss the playlist We Share here let us Know if you've encountered this problem By sharing your experiences in the Comments we'll see you next time [Music]

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