My CAT DOESN’T PURR 🐱🐾 (Why and What to Do)

🐈 Purring is an important part of feline communication, that’s why if your cat doesn’t purr you may ask yourself if they have a problem. In this AnimalWised video on feline ethology, we explain the reasons why some cats don’t purr, never purr or stop purring. Find out everything you need to know about purring in cats!


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[Music] Purring is an important part of a cat’s Communication so it’s understandable a Guardian will be concerned if they stop Emitting this characteristic sound find Out the three main types of cat when it Comes to purring with this animal-wise Video [Music] Cats that purr almost inaudibly There are cats that purr so softly the Only way to hear them is by putting your Ear to their body or putting your hand On their neck to feel the vibrations if You want to know why cats purr our first Info video explains more Cats that never purr these are cats that Don’t emit this sound simply because It’s not in their character to do so it Doesn’t mean they suffer any pathology Or aren’t happy and loving with their Human family cats have different ways of Communicating and each cat chooses that Which suits them best Just like we humans each one has their Own personality some will be more or Less expressive affectionate independent Or sociable cats without this implying Any problem [Music] Cats that stop purring the behavior of a Cat changes with age experience and Circumstance not only may a purring cat Stop doing it but some cats that never

Purred before might start it may only be An issue if her cat stops purring after A particular change such as a move or if They present any clinical symptoms then We must go to the veterinarian there are Other forms of cat communication that Can replace purring in some cats Meowing The meow is another typical form of Communication in cats they use it in Multiple situations each with often very Different meanings cats that don’t purr Can make themselves understood perfectly Through meows these cats use meows to Demand attention to ask to leave or Enter a door or to say hello for example Discover the meaning of cat meows in the Next info video we share above Biting Sometimes we wonder why our cat doesn’t Purr and we don’t realize they are Communicating with us in their own way In addition to meowing some cats tell us A lot through biting for example some Cats gently nibble us as a sign of Affection when we are petting them or in Moments of affection they bite some part Of our body with their mouth such as the Nose without doing any damage almost Like a kiss Rubbing This is a clear sign of well-being and Affection our cat will rub against our Body usually a part to which they have

More comfortable access such as the face Or legs they will even do somersaults And roll over to cover a larger contact Area if we look closely we will see they Always touch us with the same parts of Their body especially their face this is Because scent glands are present in These areas so they mark us and release Endorphins as they do so If you want to continue learning about The behavior of cats don’t miss the Playlist we share here tell us do you Have a perilous cat let us know in the Comments and we’ll see you next time You

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