My CAT is HIDING and Won’t COME OUT ๐Ÿฑ (Why and What to Do)

๐Ÿˆ Does your cat hide and refuses to come out? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the reasons why cats hide and what we can do to encourage them out. Not only can we treat the underlying problems which cause stress, anxiety and fear which lead to hiding, we provide practical tips to help them come out into the open.


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Cats love to find places to hide since They simply need peace and quiet it’s Not necessarily a problem but if a cat Hides and doesn’t want to come out it Could be a sign of stress and fear Animal wise explains why cats hide and What you may need to do about it [Music] A new cat has entered the home it’s Crucial cats are well socialized before Forcing them to live with a new roommate Cats are territorial by nature and can Easily reject the presence of another Animal in your home this new situation Can develop stress insecurity anxiety And fear so it’s common for them to hide And run away from the new cat they may Even try to attack them if you decide to Adopt a new kitten remember to introduce Them correctly to your cat to avoid Conflicts Learn about other new pets entering the Home in this first info video above They are stressed a feline exposed to High levels of stress may hide to seek a Calm environment a new animal can Provoke this but so can many different Situations moving home the arrival of a Baby or the departure of a family member Can cause our feline stress if you’ve Just adopted them they may hide as they Are still adapting to the new home and Are afraid of being exposed to unknown Stimuli in places in these cases you

Must be patient and respect their Adaptation period there are many ways You can help a cat to adapt to their new Home but remember that patience is vital Don’t scold them or use negative Reinforcement to make them behave Respect their feline boundaries and Support them with positive reinforcement This way you will not only help them Adapt more quickly but you will help to Create a strong bond which can last Their lifetime positive reinforcement Comes in the form of treats the use of Toys and encouraging words but you can Also help them by using synthetic Pheromones to associate their new home Positively They live in a negative environment or Have insufficient stimulation a cat can Hide as a symptom of boredom which Usually appears when they endure a Sedentary routine in an unstimulating Environment this occurs most often in Cats that are left alone for a long time And don’t have an enriched environment To stimulate their body and mind for This reason it’s important you know the Value of environmental enrichment for Your cat this will allow you to keep Them physically and mentally stimulated While avoiding the symptoms of stress And boredom several litter boxes toys Cat walkways and scratching trees are Some of the essential elements

Our next info video shows you more about One aspect of environmental enrichment By looking at scratching trees Improper socialization too many cats are Not properly socialized as kittens this Means they didn’t learn how to properly Interact with other animals people and Environments if your cat hides when Visitors are in the home it’s likely due To a fear these new people will harm Them in some way all domestic cats need To be adequately socialized if they’re To interact with others and avoid being Scared when introduced to something new They are afraid cats can be nervous by Nature something which can be helpful When evading possible threats in the Wild in the domestic environment loud Noises or unknown objects can disturb The peace this is often seen with Household items such as a vacuum cleaner Blender or hair dryer if your cat runs Off to hide look at their surroundings For possible reasons they may be afraid Traumas from the past it’s possible your Feline has gone through negative Experiences that involve noise objects Or other animals there may be something In particular which represents a risk to Their well-being and causes them to run And hide in these cases you may need the Help of a feline mythologist to help Them overcome their traumas Something hurts or they are sick there

Are many other reasons why a cat may Hide pain can be a common reason to hide But there are also physical mental or Hormonal illnesses that could be the Root cause of strange behavior this is Why we highlight the importance of Consulting your trusted veterinarian When observing any change in your Feline’s behavior If you want to learn more about the Behavior of cats don’t miss the playlist We share here if this video helps you Know why your cat is hiding let us know In the comments we’ll see you next time [Music]

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