My Cat Is NOT GROOMING Anymore 🐱 (Why and What to do)

🐈 Has your kitten or adult cat stopped grooming themselves? The reason we qualify whether they are adult is because their age can help determine why they stop washing themselves. Grooming is a behavior they learn from their mother which they continue for the rest of their lives. It is essential for their hygiene and stopping this behavior can imply a serious problem. AnimalWised explains why a cat stops grooming and what we can do about it.


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[Music] Any cat guardian will have noticed how Much a cat will groom themselves in a Given day It’s a behavior learned from their Mother when young and it’s something They continue throughout their lives It’s essential for their health not just Aesthetics so when a cat does stop It poses a threat to their well-being This is why animalwise explains Why a cat stops grooming and what to do About it Why is my kitten not grooming when a Kitten has been separated from their Mother and is a few months old but they Don’t groom It signifies there’s a problem one Possible explanation is that they have Never learned this grooming behavior in The first place If a mother cat dies during childbirth Or the kittens are rejected by her The young cans will be raised without a Guiding figure to teach them the various Feline behaviors they need to know Similarly it’s too often the case that Humans remove their kittens from their Mother too soon In these cases they can survive if they Are bottle-fed but they will miss out on Important life lessons which can be Difficult to teach without her This happens when the kittens are

Removed before the minimum eight weeks They should spend with their mother Discover more about weaning in cats in The video that we share here It may also be the mother does not groom Themselves for some reason If the mother cat is suffering a certain Disease when they are trying to raise Their kittens They may not be able to impart knowledge And will likely reject the kittens Eventually Why is my adult cat not grooming cats Spend 30 percent of their day grooming Themselves if you want to know why We share a video here with the five main Reasons for this behavior If your cat has stopped washing all of a Sudden it may be due to some problem or Illness One such reason is dental problems Fractures or infections of the teeth Cause pain Meaning the cat won’t want to groom Other oral problems such as gingivitis Or chronic feline gingivious dermatitis Can cause similar pain and inability to Groom the pain will not only prevent Them from grooming But soon they won’t be able to eat Either another reason a cat may stop Grooming is due to obesity When a cat’s physical condition is poor

And they have a lot of fat They won’t be able to groom themselves In the same way due to a lack of energy And inability to reach certain areas Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease Of the joints which can similarly impede Normal grooming Back pain or disease which causes Malaise can have similar effects Broken bones or other trauma can reduce Their movement and make grooming Difficult But the problem can also be neurological Senile dementia in cats can drastically Change their behavior And even stop grooming habits What to do if my cat stops grooming when A cat stops grooming because they have Not learned from their mother We need to find a way to teach this Behavior this can be difficult But one technique is to run a wet cloth Over their back Doing this will alert the cat to Something being on their skin which Shouldn’t be there And they should be encouraged to lick it Off you can also apply malt paste to Certain areas of their fur where they Can reach with their tongue Since it’s tasty it will encourage the Cat to lick it off and hopefully Continue this behaviour to clean Themselves in general

If your cat does not groom due to an Illness you need to go to the vet for a Diagnosis as soon as possible This is the best chance for the cat to Regain their quality of life and resume Normal behaviours If you want to continue learning about The behavior of cats we share a playlist With many more videos to enjoy Share in the comments any funny stories You have about cats grooming themselves And we’ll see you next time

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