My Cat Is RUNNING AROUND Like CRAZY 🐱πŸŒͺ️ (3 Causes and Solutions)

🐈 Does your cat run around the house like crazy? Do they appear to suffer fits of mania? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the 3 possible reasons why my cat is running around like crazy. We also explain why cats might go crazy at night and provide some tips on how you can help calm them down.


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If your cat runs around like a maniac It’s easy to worry that something might Be wrong while this is a possibility Animalwise explains when running around Like crazy is and is not normal behavior [Music] Energy release Frenzied random activity periods also Known as fraps or zoomies are common in Dogs and cats this behavior is Considered totally normal in felines so You shouldn’t worry if your catch starts Running like crazy from time to time They are simply releasing excess energy That has been accumulated through Previous physical activity In these cases the episode of activity Is intense but only lasts a few seconds Survival instinct It’s also possible you observe your cat Running away after using the litter box This curious behavior does not occur in All cats but is common among many Felines it is considered an expression Of the instinct to move away as quickly As possible from the place they urinate Or defecate as they fear the smell will Attract predators Stress and anxiety If your cat’s bites of madness occur Often last a long time or accompanied by Other strange symptoms or behaviors the Animal may have a physical or emotional Health problem in these cases the most

Common causes of overactivity are stress And anxiety these can result in Stereotypies a series of the same Repetitive movements that have no Apparent function in a minority of cases It could be due to feline hyperaesthesia A pathology characterized by the Appearance of spasms restlessness Hyperactivity and including self-harm if You notice any unusual behavior go to Your veterinarian immediately why does My cat go crazy at night Cats are crepuscular animals meaning Their peak periods of activity generally Occur in the early morning and late Afternoon if your feline lives Exclusively inside the house and has Spent the day sleeping it’s likely they Will release the energy they accumulate Throughout the day and start running Like crazy or try to play with you at Night if your cat is suddenly manic in The night without having been sued Before monitor for a possible health Problem and go to the veterinarian if Necessary If you want to know how you can reduce The frequency of fraps or prevent them From occurring at night here are some Tips to keep in mind Remove dangerous objects although the Appearance of a frap is usually Unexpected they usually follow the same Trajectory

Observe their path and make sure to Remove any object that could damage the Animal or with which it could get caught A feline running at high speed can Misjudge distances and hit something Don’t try to stop the cat if the Environment in which the animal is Running is safe never try to stop the Cat in mid-run these episodes only last A few seconds and it is much better to Let the animals stop themselves and calm Down Provide environmental and social Stimulation Cats not only need high places where They can climb to keep an eye on their Surroundings but also objects and Individuals with which to interact By playing daily with your cat offering Interactive toys to keep them Entertained and creating feline Appropriate spaces you will reduce the Need to release energy through fraps Find out one helpful form of Environmental enrichment with our video On the card above Create routines If your cat is very active at night you Can try to modify their routines by Keeping them more entertained during the Day Establish a daytime schedule to play With your cat or do activities they Enjoy

Remember their rhythms and routines will Not match yours exactly Consult a feline ethologist Despite applying all these tips if your Cat continues to have frequent intense Attacks of energy it’s time to consult With a feline behavior professional If you want to continue learning about The behavior of cats don’t miss the Playlist we share here Let us know if your cat has instances of Fraps by sharing in the comments we’ll See you next time [Music]

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