My CAT Is SCRATCHING Themselves RAW ๐Ÿฑ (7 Causes and Solutions)

๐Ÿˆ If your cat keeps scratching themselves, it will lead to breaking the skin and other complications. AnimalWised explains why my CAT is SCRATCHING Themselves RAW with these 7 common causes, as well as what treatment options you may be able to expect.


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Cats scratch themselves to stay clean Relieve a niche or even to pass the time But if they do it until they are raw It's a problem animal wise explains the Possible reasons why Food allergy we may think of cats Causing allergies more than having them But if you see gastrointestinal problems Respiratory issues reddening of the skin And inflammation it can be a result of Food allergies it's essential we Determine the allergen in the food and Then eliminate it from their diet External parasites there are many Potential cat parasites but the most Common are fleas they feed on the blood Of cats by biting their skin which Causes irritation and leads to Scratching bathing and then applying an Appropriate dewormer should treat the Issues but it is also necessary to Eliminate any fleas from the environment Some cats may have an allergy to flea Bites which causes a reaction this leads To intense scratching especially around The cat's neck it's a very common reason For the cat to have scabs on their neck As a result ticks cause similar problems On the neck as well as their ears and Paws learn about preventing ticks and Fleas in cats with the first info video We share above Fungi and yeasts fungi such as ringworm Do not usually cause itching at first

Over time the clinical picture becomes More complicated we may detect itching In the cat we can also see rounded Lesions alopecia or crusted spots eye Problems the area the cat scratches can Help determine the cause if they scratch Their face and eyes a lot we may see Hair loss and sores in these areas this Could be a result of an eye problem such As conjunctivitis or a foreign body if You like animal wise remember that a Super thanks can help us continue Creating the content you enjoy Foreign bodies foreign bodies don't only Enter the eye objects can get lodged in The nasal passages during aspiration Resulting in the cat scratching Themselves raw to try to get it out Since sneezing usually expels the object Persistent scratching implies it is Stuck and a vet should be notified Potatoes if your cat scratches their ear A lot it could be due to an infection we May notice a bad smell emanating from The ear canals as well as discharge and Pain there are various causes of otitis And prompt treatment can help avoid Complications Other causes less frequently itching in Cats can be due to other immune mediated Diseases or even the presence of tumors As there are so many causes diagnosis From a qualified veterinarian is Necessary to determine the most

Appropriate treatment My cat scratches a lot but is healthy if The veterinary examination concludes That the cat is physically healthy their Scratching could be due to a Psychological disorder compulsive Grooming can be a response to stress in These cases the cat is not itching but Skin wounds and alopecia can appear due To excessive licking or scratching Discover the main causes of feline Stress in the next info video we share The cat needs behavioral treatment to Treat the stress as well as treatment of Any skin lesions this means going to a Veterinarian and Consulting a feline Ethologist If you want to continue learning about Cat diseases and Veterinary advice don't Miss the playlist We Share here let us Know in the comments if your cat has any Of these issues and we'll see you next Time [Music]

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