My CAT Keeps SCRATCHING Their EARS 🐱 (Why and What to Do)

🐈 Has your cat started scratching their ear a lot? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the 6 most common reasons why a cat keeps scratching their ears. Not only will you find out why your cat scratches their ears, you can find out what you need to do to stop it.


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[Music] Itching pain or discomfort on or around Our cat’s ears are relatively common Symptoms in feline medicine they cause The cat to keep scratching their ears to Relieve the frustrating sensation this Sensation will only go away once the Underlying problem is treated find out What these problems may be with this Animal-wised video [Music] Ear mites Cats are particularly affected by the Autodectis cyanotus mite these mites are Found in large numbers in feline ears Sometimes from a very young age these Parasites feed on earwax but they end up Biting the skin in the process leading To irritation and itching The damage caused by these mites can Cause a secondary infection due to Bacterial microorganisms in the inner Ear worsening the condition and causing Yet more pain To kill them topical products with Antiparasitic action such as ivormectin Should be used In addition to help regenerate the Damaged epithelium it’s necessary to Maintain proper hygiene of the cat’s Ears using cotton swabs or gauze with a Specific cleansing liquid applied gently To avoid damage Allergy allergies and cats can also

Cause itching and subsequent scratching Of the cat’s ears the main causes of Allergic reactions are food Hypersensitivity and allergic dermatitis Caused by flea bites Food hypersensitivity appears as a Consequence of an allergy to some Protein in their diet such as chicken or Turkey it’s treated and diagnosed with An elimination diet for several weeks This disorder predisposes to titus an Inflammation which not only causes Itching and redness of the skin but can Lead to digestive issues such as Vomiting and diarrhea allergic Dermatitis to flea bites usually affects The neck area but can also spread to the Ears tail and hind limbs they may result In redness lesions scabs and alopecia if Your cat keeps scratching their ears and Their neck you should check for signs of A parasitic infestation of this type Our first info video shows you the Importance of veterinary appointments to Deworm kittens Atopic dermatitis if it’s not due to a Flea bite or food the allergy may be due To an environmental allergen such as air Fresheners dust pollen perfumes or Chemical products among others the Symptoms are itching symmetrical Alopecia miliary dermatitis wounds and Ulcers on the neck and face Treatment of the skin problems should

Include corticosteroid or cyclosporine Therapy to reduce itching and Inflammation as well as eliminating Exposure to the triggering allergen Where possible Otitis otitis is a catch-all for various Infectious causes which result in Inflammation of the ear canal due to Inflammation the external auditory canal Becomes red and swollen the clinical Signs of a titus and cats are a bad Smell shaking of the head scratching of The ear tilting the head to one side Redness and swelling among others Treatment requires administration of a Specific antibiotic or antimisotic in Addition to properly cleaning the cat’s Ears In severe cases of hepatitis or when the Ear canal or pinna has been damaged Surgery may be necessary our next info Video shares 10 of the most common Diseases in cats Wounds Trauma to the ears can produce scratches And wounds which will begin to heal As the new skin develops and the tissue Regenerates this process causes a Concurrent itching which the cat will Relieve by scratching if this occurs There’s a great risk the wind will Reopen for this reason the solution is To care for these areas with products That clean and help with healing scratch

Prevention and if necessary controlling Itching Tumors there are two main types of tumor That cause ear scratching in cats polyps And earwax gland tumors In both cases it’s common to observe the Cat scratching their ears to the point Of injury it’s essential to check them And go to the veterinary clinic as soon As possible treatment of these tumors May include chemotherapy radiotherapy Electrochemotherapy and even surgery Because many of these causes require Veterinary treatment it’s essential that You see a specialist to obtain the best Possible prognosis If you want to continue learning about Diseases in cats and veterinary advice Don’t miss the playlist we share here Tell us if your cat has started to Scratch their ear a lot and we’ll see You next time [Music]

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