My CAT ROLLS on the GROUND – Why? 🐱 (10 Causes)

🐈 Does your cat roll on the ground and you don’t know why? It can seem like an odd behavior, but it is very common and has good reason behind the behavior. AnimalWised explains these reasons in our video on why your cat rolls on the ground.


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Some cat behaviors seem inexplicable to Us humans but many are simply evidence Of a cat exercising their feline Instinct Animal wise shows you how this explains Why your cat rolls in the ground in this New video [Music] They’re marking their territory Cats mark their territory to ward off Both other cats from their resources and Potential threats from animals The main component of this behavior is Pheromones by rubbing themselves on the Ground glands in the cat’s skin release Pheromones and coat the surface in which They come into contact this alerts other Animals to their presence They are in heat Pheromones don’t simply alert a cat’s Presence they provide specific Information about said cat being in heat Is an important sign since it lets male Cats know they are ready to mate During heat it’s common for the cat to Also meow when rolling find out if your Cat is in heat by checking out the first Info video They are hot When your cat is too hot they will do What they can to cool down not only will They drink cool water and look for Well-ventilated places to rest but they Will rub against the ground since it’s

Often cooler than their body temperature They feel itchy Although flexible there are places on Their body cats find difficult to reach By rolling on the ground they can Scratch an awkward itch It’s best to check for parasites or Wounds if this happens regularly They want to play There are many ways your cat can tell You they want to play with you one is by Lying on their back and exposing their Belly something they often do while Rolling on the ground when you see such An invitation to play bring a toy or Approach with gestures which indicate You’re willing to play also They call our attention Especially those that live exclusively Indoors cats will amuse themselves by Chasing their owners around the home and Watching what they do when you’re too Busy to spend time with them a cat may Get bored or feel neglected by rolling On the ground they’re expressing a need For attention As an effective catnip Catnip is a very pleasant experience for Most felines as it relaxes and enchants Them If you spread a little on the ground Cats which are receptive to it will Often roll on their back and contort Their body in all directions as a

Response to the pleasurable effects this Substance produces If you want to know more about catnip we Share another video above which tells You more They are being submissive Especially when multiple cats live Together in the home we often observe One of them rolling on the ground to Indicate submission towards another A hierarchy is established between cats Of the same social group so it’s Possible one appears in a more dominant Way They are glad to see us Especially if you’ve been away for a few Hours your cat may carry out this Behavior when you get home because they Are glad to see you Cats have a complex communication system And have learned to communicate with us In different ways one of them being body Language For pure pleasure In the same way that we may stretch out To feel better cats squirm on the ground And roll over to stretch because it Gives them pleasure Doing these stretches makes them feel Better and they may repeat it often if You want to learn more about the Behavior of cats don’t miss the playlist We share here Tell us if you’ve seen your cats rolling

On the ground by leaving a comment and We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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