🐱 Does your cat throw things on the ground and you don’t know why? In this AnimalWised video we explain 3 possible reasons why your cat throws things on the ground and what you can do to stop them from having this behavior. Find out everything in this video!


5 Symptoms of a BORED CAT (and What to Do) 👉
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It has happened to anyone who shares Their life with a cat You’re calmly engaged in a task and Suddenly your feline has thrown your Belongings to the ground Are they doing it to annoy us maybe to Get our attention In this animal-wise video we explain the Three possible reasons why your cat Displays this behavior And what you can do to stop it [Music] It gets in their way cats roam wherever They want and if they find something in The middle of their path that blocks Them they will move it out of the way They will do this when avoiding objects They do not like the look of This is more common in cats that are Overweight as they have a harder time Moving or jumping In this case the best thing you can do Is remove anything fragile in the places Where your feline usually walks For example if they always climb the Mantelpiece make sure their path is Clear If your cat is overweight of course you Should follow an exercise routine and be Careful with their diet They are bored if your cat is bored Because they don’t release all their Energy through play and exercise They may choose to destroy your home in

Addition to scratching and climbing all Over the place It’s possible they will decide to throw Items to the ground for their own Entertainment to stop throwing things Out of boredom You will have to tire them out and play With them you can provide more toys and Even prepare their own play space for Them to enjoy distraction With an adjustable scratching post they Can spend ours entertaining themselves Especially if you hang toys from them Discover other symptoms of a bored cat And what to do to solve this problem in The video that we share Here they want to get your attention Yes it may be a strange way to get your Attention but throwing things is quite Normal when your cat wants something From you Your feline knows that every time they Throw something you always go to see What happened They do it because it is the most Effective way of getting your attention If you see your cat through something While they stare at you waiting for your Reaction Ignore them and continue with what you Are doing besides ignoring them you will Have to spend more time together Interact and play with them this way They will have the attention they need

Without destroying anything and you will Create a much stronger bond To help check out this video we share in Which we propose five games to entertain Your cat Tell us in the comments any memorable Times your cat has thrown something to The ground and we’ll see you next time

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