My DOG CHEWS EVERYTHING in Sight 🐢 (7 Reason Why and What to Do)

πŸ• If your dog chews everything in sight, it can be a very frustrating destructive behavior for us. They can destroy objects at home without thinking. As their caregivers, we need to understand why a dog is chewing everything because the real danger may be due to their welfare. This is why AnimalWised explains the 7 most common causes of a dog chewing everything in sight and what you can do about them.


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When a dog chews everything in sight It’s important we understand why as it Can be something which negatively Affects their welfare animal wise Explains the main reasons dogs chew Everything and what to do about them [Music] Exploratory Behavior dogs explore the World around them through their senses Their paws have limited dexterity so They use their minds to interact licking Biting and chewing help to discover the World something which is especially Common in puppies this type of play and Exploratory behavior is part of their Natural canine sensibility and we need To allow them to express themselves to a Certain degree especially if they are Teething as they develop you can teach Bite inhibition and redirect the Behavior to something more appropriate Play you will see dogs biting a lot when They play with each other as well as With objects such as stuffed toys and Balls through play dogs not only learn To socialize and explore their Environment they learn bite inhibition This means they control their bite so They won’t accidentally hurt another Puppies or newly adopted dogs often do Not know bite inhibition so they chew on Everything inside the difficulty of Teaching this depends on the individual But it requires positive reinforcement

And patience In our first info video you can find Info on the best toys for dogs including Teethers Instinctive Behavior When your dog chooses something and Shakes it with their mouth you’re most Likely witnessing an expression of their Hunting Instinct as dogs are feculative Carnivores they have an instinct to Shake and tear their prey often using Household objects as a substitute this Is one reason why toys and accessories Are so important because this otherwise Healthy Behavior needs to be redirected To something benign Boredom all dogs get bored from time to Time in some cases this boredom can be Damaging to their welfare this is why we Need to ensure our canines receive Sufficient physical social and mental Stimulation to meet their individual Needs For example if the dog becomes bored When we are away we can leave Interactive games for them to occupy Themselves we should still remove Anything we don’t want to be destroyed From their reach as a dog may want to Chew on certain objects it may even be Necessary to restrict access to certain Parts of the home If you like animal wise remember that a Super thanks can really help us grow the

Channel Venting frustration dogs can become Frustrated for various reasons such as Not getting what they want not being Able to enact behaviors typical of their Species or even proper training Techniques are used on them frustration Is an intense and unpleasant emotion Which will be expressed one way or Another one such motive expression is Chewing biting or destroying things in Their environment They do so to vent frustration and Regain stable emotions Previous experiences When biting something has been useful or Beneficial to the dog in the past they Tend to repeat this Behavior more often Or even intensify it for example if the Dog learns that nibbling on the legs of A chair gets our attention they may be More inclined to repeat it Separation anxiety Separation anxiety is a complex Emotional and behavioral problem that Results in the appearance of high Stress And Anxiety levels this is a consequence Of the physical separation of the animal From their guardian we must bear in mind That anxiety is an involuntary emotion When the animal carries our destructive Behaviors due to anxiety they do not do So with any intention of annoying us it Is totally counterproductive to punish

The animal once we return home as the Dog will not understand why they are Being scolded and their anxiety will Only increase If you suspect separation anxiety it’s Necessary to contact a professional Athologist or canine educator find out Everything you need to know about Separation anxiety in dogs in the next Info video we share if you don’t know How to solve the situation yourself or You can’t determine the cause of your Dog chewing everything in sight we Suggest contacting a professional If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don’t miss the playlist We Share here Do you have experiences with a Destructive dog let us know about it in The comments and we’ll see you next time Foreign [Music] [Music]

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