My DOG DOES NOT WANT TO EAT 🐢πŸ₯© (7 Ways to Bring Back APPETITE βœ…)

πŸ• Has your dog suddenly stopped eating? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the reasons why a dog may have lost their appetite. In addition, we explain 7 tips for dogs that do not want to eat. Try them with your canine to see if you can get them to show interest in food again!


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A lack of appetite in dogs can have many Causes this could be an illness but it Could be as simple as providing the Wrong food at animalwised we provide Seven tips for when your dog doesn’t Want to eat Why does my dog not want to eat stress Can be a trigger for your dog losing Their appetite as animals sensitive to Their environment this may have been Triggered by changes in routine boredom Or even a lack of exercise Indigestion and other stomach problems Such as constipation flatulence or Diarrhea can also contribute Parasitical infection respiratory Diseases trauma oral injuries infections And other health problems can cause a Dog to lose their appetite it’s even Possible they do so due to side effects Taken to treat a medical problem finally It’s common for many dogs to stop eating When they’re given poor quality food if A dog still refuses to eat after 24 Hours you’ll need to take them to a Veterinarian for diagnosis Here are seven tips we can use to Encourage a dog to eat Offer appetizing food Offer your dog something more appetizing And palatable you can serve their Favorite food in their dish or simply Try pieces of warm chicken or turkey Meat another option is to add dog

Friendly broth or a little yogurt to Their dry feed the broth or meat can be Heated a little and given to the dog Look warm Warm food gives off more intense aroma Which arouses their attention Also if they’re constipated this will Help the phlegm to soften so they can Expel it Choose their food well A sick dog needs food for strength and Recovery This food should be amended to their Specific needs For example dogs with constipation Problems will need foods rich in fiber Dogs with diarrhea need more protein and Water so a salt-free chicken broth may Be ideal Foods rich in phosphorous are Recommended for respiratory diseases Add flavors Smells are very important to dogs so Adding aromas to their food will catch Their attention if they’ve lost their Appetite sprinkle the usual food with Some herbs or crushed pieces of mint Alfalfa dill fennel or ginger as these New smells will be pleasant Buy a quality feed the quality of the Feed you offer your dog is also very Important it’s not just about buying the Flavor they like the most but buying Quality brands that contain the

Nutrients they need in the right amounts Remember that a change of food should be Made gradually never switch abruptly From one brand of feed to another Discover how to know if a feed is Quality in the info video we share above Try wet food another option is to Alternate dry dog food with wet food Wet food offers more intense smells and Could be used to give your dog something Different never mix wet and dry food in The same portion as it’s better to Alternate them during the week vary the Ingredients a dog that only eats dry Food does not have a completely balanced Diet so you can try other foods for them To enjoy to do this we recommend adding Lean meats such as chicken and turkey Pieces of unsalted pork carrots skimmed Yogurt and fruits to their diet Follow a homemade diet If your dog doesn’t want to eat and you Don’t know what to do or none of the Previous tips work make the food from Scratch and see if this helps a natural Diet not only allows you to guarantee The quality of the products you offer Your dog but it also offers the Possibility of varying their meals this Increases the richness of their diet Likewise as long as the food is quality And of the right nutrition homemade food Favors digestion regulates intestinal Transit improves the condition of the

Skin and hair and boosts general health Tell us how you got your dog to regain Their appetite by sharing your own tips In the comments and we’ll see you next Time

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