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Oh Oh It's cool [Laughter] [Music] Come on Stop this madness what do you want from Me what do you want Me you're fat Poppy you're fat okay you're fat poppy Fat fat poppy fat fat You know morning [ __ ] mate Luna I hope this makes your day Look at this Q my child is completely fine Don't lay in the light go towards the Light look yourself to Heaven you can go Move on testing out my dog's barking Collar Hahaha No no no no no no not now not ever you No no no no no no no hey Fix that Paul you know better fix the Paw Ah nope straighten that paw straighten That paw It's cringe-worthy you know that watch My Husky roll his eyes at me Wait for it Whoa This is my hair wet a little bit but not Wet at all so let me show you guys what It looks like when it's wet wet this is

My hair wet Boy good boy What's up That's it [Music] This is buck buck the vocab mascot to Encourage you to do your bucking vocab If you don't do your bucking vocab and We lose the vocab Bowl I killed the dog Good evening tonight's top story Everything is awful It's crying he's actually as tears in His eyes Get a malamute they said the shedding is Not gonna be so bad they said you're not Gonna be brushing them for three months Straight every day they said You're a husky shut up [Music] [Applause] This is I'm gonna tell you something that you're Not gonna like You have to go to the vet today I know I'm sorry you gotta go get an Allergy shot I know I'm so sorry you got to be strong Okay and they're gonna clip your nails I know you don't like that either but You got all right new challenge put your Hand near your dog like you're going to Pet them but don't pet them yet and see What they do Foreign

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