My DOG Is LIMPING on One Back Leg 🐾🐕 (Causes and Treatment)

🐶 Does your dog limp on one of their hind legs? In this AnimalWised video, we discover why a DOG is LIMPING on ONE HIND LEG. You may notice it because they are hopping when they walk or retracting the back leg close to their body. You might also see KNEE SWELLING and other symptoms which indicate a problem.


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If your dog is limping on their hind leg Animal wise explains the possible causes Of sudden lameness so you can best avoid It becoming [Music] Permanent ruptures of the cruciate Ligaments of the knee in this condition The limp will develop very suddenly you Will see the dog may be able to take a Few steps but then draws their hind leg Back sharply the knee might even be Swollen and hot to the touch these Symptoms indicate a rupture of the Cruciate ligaments in the knee this Issue has a greater occurrence in some Breeds than others for example miniature Dogs with short legs such as the jack Russell have a predisposition to this Problem especially when they're Overweight this doesn't mean it won't Occur in larger breeds these larger dogs Can also experience ligament tears that Are exacerbated by anatomical factors it Is common in American staffer Terriers Labradors Rottweilers Tibetan Mastiffs And boxers but it can occur to any dog If you see your dog is limping on one of Their hind legs and you feel swelling in The knee you will need to ensure the Animal is allowed to rest as much as Possible to avoid permanent damage if The inflammation is significant you can Place a cold compress to reduce the Swelling while you take them to a

Veterinary Clinic for Assessment patella dislocation in this Pathology the symptoms are very Characteristic you will notice that your Dog will hop on their back leg when Walking and will keep it raised until Suddenly they walk normally again as if Nothing happened this is because the Kneecap is dislocated and the dog will Jump up until it gets the kneecap back Into place patellar dislocation can be Congenital or traumatic in the case of Being congenital it's something the dog Has had since birth it is more common in Very small or very large breeds patella Dislocations have different degrees Varying from grades 1 to six the Veterinary Specialist will tell you what Upgrade your dog experiences and explain How to proceed accordingly it's Important you do not let this problem go Untreated as it can lead to Osteoarthritis in the event the Dislocation is traumatic such as due to A blow or a fall the procedure is the Same it is best to go to the Veterinarian to prescribe their Appropriate treatment depending on the Severity hip dysplasia the most Characteristic symptoms of this issue Occur when moving at height such as Going down the stairs jumping off the Couch or leaping into the car the breeds Most predisposed to this problem are

Golden retrievers Labrador Retrievers Mastiffs and German Shepherds If You Observe any of these symptoms in your Can9 do not hesitate to go to a Veterinarian immediately Again The Specialist will perform a physical Examination and Carry Out diagnostic Tests such as x-rays to evaluate the Degree of the dysplasia lower grades can Be managed with physical therapy Medication and ensuring they have a Proper diet more advanced cases will Likely require surgical Intervention Splinter Thorn or foreign Object when you notice a limp in your Dog's hind leg we encourage you to Carefully inspect their paw for any Possible objects that may have gotten Stuck between their toes or in the paw Pad itself splinters and Thorns are Common such objects it is very annoying And the animal may be retracting their Leg all the time when the object has Barbs or is embedded deeply into the Skin you will have to have a vet remove It let us know if your dog has had a Problem with their hind leg and we'll See you next [Music] Time

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