My dog is VERY RESTLESS, What Do I Do? ๐Ÿถ 5 Ways to Reduce STRESS

Is your dog restless or stressed? ๐Ÿถ Even though we try to provide our dog with everything they need, it is possible they are undergoing some behavioral problems. The first thing we need to do is take them to a veterinarian to rule out any physical problems. However, these tips to reduce stress in your dog provide practical tips to help your dog stay calm and balanced.

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[Music] Some dogs have a restless and nervous Character due to age genetics or other Factors some develop restlessness due to Stress or anxiety the most obvious signs May be high levels of activity and Inability to relax or overreacting to Commonplace situations would you like to Know how to reduce stress and your best Friend and help achieve calm and stable Behavior in this analyze video we share Five helpful tools to do just that [Music] Make sure they have everything one of The reasons a dog may be restless is due To insecurity dogs rely on us for Everything they need to survive Ie food shelter and protection if we are Not giving them enough food food of an Inferior quality or giving them a reason To feel insecure it’s possible they will Become Restless this can also lead to Other problems related to health and Behavior by ensuring they have all of Their basics in terms of nutrition and Well-being we can help reduce problems Such as aggression depression or Restlessness daily physical activity Of course channeling their energy Properly is an ideal way to help prevent Them from becoming Restless this is why We need to give them a minimum of three Walks per day always adapting to the Specific needs of the individual dog we

Also recommend a daily physical exercise Session on one of these walks or Engaging them in running agility or Other canine sports mental stimulation While many of us will pay attention to Their physical needs it’s possible we Can overlook a dog’s mental simulation In both young and old age cognitive Function is vital intelligence games Interactive toys and even basic Obedience training can help them to stay Well balanced relaxation exercises there Are many relaxation exercises we can use To prevent restlessness in our dog Giving them affection while listening to Relaxing music is one of the best it Keeps the dog can while also Strengthening our bond activities such As dog yoga can also do this positive And cam treatment Yelling schooling or punishing our dog Is inappropriate on many levels not only Is it unproductive but it encourages Restlessness anxiety and behavioral Problems in the dog the frustration Caused harms our bond Conversely maintaining a calm and Positive attitude and using positive Reinforcement will better help your dog To understand it will also help foster An environment where they feel secure And stress is reduced these are some of The most effective tools in reducing Stress in your dog however to treat it

Definitively you will need to find its Root cause consult a veterinarian to Both relate a physical problem and to Get a better understanding of what might Be affecting your dog they can give Specific guidelines on how your dog can Improve we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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