My Dog Keeps LICKING Their PAWS πŸΆπŸ‘… (Why and What to Do)

πŸΎπŸ• Does your dog compulsively lick their paws? In this AnimalWised video we explain the reasons why a dog licks their front or hind legs, as well as explain what should be done. We also recommend some home remedies to prevent your dog from licking their paws excessively.


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It’s not uncommon for dogs to lick their Paws from time to time persistent Licking of one or more paws indicates The presence of a problem Animal wise explains what these problems May be and whether the issue is Physiological or psychological [Music] My dog licks their paws compulsively If your dog licks their paws non-stop Our first step is to carefully examine The area in which these licks are Directed this is most commonly the skin Between their digits especially on their Front legs since their paws are in Continuous contact with the ground when Walking it’s possible they have been Wounded by a thorn broken glass or Similar sharp objects minor wounds need To be disinfected and they’re progress Monitored check the info for a related Video on why your dog’s paws smell bad If a foreign object is clearly visible In the dog’s paw we can remove it with Tweezers and disinfect the area if we Don’t succeed or the wound becomes Serious we need to go to a vet There are other reasons why a dog licks Their paws something a vet will also be Able to determine at a clinic it’s Important problems are treated early as Not only can the wound become worse and Complicated by secondary infections but Persistent licking can result in further

Injury other reasons a dog keeps licking Their paws include atopic dermatitis This is an allergic reaction that Triggers an itching sensation in any Affected area including the paws the dog Licks both front and back legs often Causing the hairs to take on a Reddish-brown hue it can be difficult to Control this allergy as it’s not always Easy to identify the allergen that Causes it nor can we keep the dog away From everything that triggers the Reaction treatment should focus on Managing symptoms for which Antihistamines anti-inflammatories and Even immunotherapy may be used Photodermatitis this consists of Inflammation of the interdigital area on Both the back and front legs it usually Appears after trauma a wound contact With an irritant allergies parasites Systemic diseases inter-digital cysts or Psychological problems the vet will have To identify the cause in order to Establish the appropriate treatment Interdigital cysts more than simply Cysts these are inflammatory actions That can be seen between the dog’s toes They look like a lump and in some cases They break open and expel purulent Content they are usually caused by an Injury which can be a trauma a foreign Body or a sting treatment consists of Prolonged administration of antibiotics

Psychological causes In some cases compulsive licking is due To an underlying psychological problem The dog licks their paws as a way to Channel anxiety and stress it is Experiencing we must also take them to The vet in this case as a physical Problem must be ruled out before a Psychological problem is diagnosed in These cases it’s essential to modify the Dog’s living conditions and environment Something best aided by a veterinarian Specialise in canine behavior a dog Trainer or an athologist home remedies It’s essential to go to the vet for Diagnosis we must follow the treatment Guidelines closely any treatment we want To implement ourselves must be first Agreed upon with a professional such Supplementary treatments may include Spending time with them and providing Opportunities to burn off energy Stimulate them with activities both Physical and intellectual include Essential fatty acids in their diet Derived from fish oils to benefit skin Regrowth use moisturizing shampoos to Keep their skin healthy deworm regularly Throughout the year and check the legs After walks through wooded areas more Information on dogs and their care can Be found in the playlist we share here Tell us why your dog keeps licking their Paws by leaving a comment below and

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