No one told me that having a dog is so fun

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Foreign [Music] Oh He's ready He's a good spot Excuse me Get off your cat You can't just sit on them Count them over the Over the barrel if we put them up top Foreign I walk away for two seconds Moose That's my cereal Down Wow [Music] Foreign She said I'm out with the big dogs today I'm staying so I'm gonna I'm gonna fight My daddy and my brother Get us think Something I wanna kill my mom Oh If somebody say something I don't like Slap or somebody look at me away I don't Like slap somebody breathe too hard Around me he's my best friend he's my Pal he's my homeboy my rotten Soldier He's my sweet cheese my good time boy Disruptions As much Supply as possible As Supply as possible

Who is the goofiest Who sheds the most Who is the craziest Who is the most handsome Foreign [Laughter] [Music] Come on

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