🐢🌊 This adorable loggerhead sea turtle was rescued with serious injuries on a Florida beach and no one believed they would survive. In this AnimalWised video we explain the story of Sparb, the three-legged loggerhead sea turtle that was rehabilitated at Turtle Hospital in Florida. If you like stories of animal rehabilitation, this one is going to fascinate you! Credit: Florida Keys News Bureau via Storyful


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Animal wise brings you a heartwarming Rehabilitation story this loggerhead sea Turtle was rescued from a florida beach After receiving serious injuries see her Recovery here [Music] This loggerhead turtle named sparb was Found floating off sombrero beach with Serious injuries upon seeing her up Close rescuers realized her right front Flipper was missing sparb was in the Care of workers from the turtle hospital Of florida the endangered turtle Initially not expected to survive Received antibiotics wound treatment Laser therapy vitamins and a healthy Diet of fish and squid Thanks to all these measures she was Able to recover and despite the fact she Has a missing flipper she is already in Good health For this reason her caretakers decided To return her to where she belongs the Ocean They did so on april 22nd in celebration Of earth day Here you can see her return home All who witnessed this moment applauded And celebrated the recovery of this Brave marine animal Turtle hospital director betty Zirklebach said there was nothing better Than being able to rescue one of the World’s oldest animals and return her

Home on earth day If you want to know other inspiring Animal stories don’t miss the playlist That we share here Do you have experience working in animal Rescue let us know in the comments if so And we’ll see you next time [Music]

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