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In this new AnimalWised video, we introduce your to one of the world’s most popular small dog breeds: the Pekingese. A native to China, this breed has been popular for centuries and this popularity has grown worldwide. In addition to showing you the characteristics of puppies and adults, we tell you a little about the history, care and health details of the Pekingese. These are very important if you want to adopt this ancient and highly-regarded breed.



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Hello and welcome to this new animal Wise video where today we are talking About one of the most popular Asian dog Breeds the Pekingese the Pekinese was a Dog much revered by Buddhist monks in China this is likely due to their Physical resemblance to the Imperial Guardian or food Alliance mythical Animals in the Buddhist tradition the Dogs were popular with royalty and only Nobles were allowed to have the Pekinese Such was the devotion these dogs enjoyed They even had human servants to care for Them in 1860 during the Second Opium War Anglo-french troops looted and burned The Summer Palace in Beijing shortly After the escape of the Chinese emperor Chang Feng fortunately before its Destruction they took five Pekinese dogs Which lived in the palace These dogs were taken to England where They were given to Nobles and Aristocrats one of them even ended up With Queen Victoria those five dogs were Their originators of the current Beijing Population thereafter in the UK the Breed was standardized and its Popularity has not stopped growing since The Pekinese is a small dog but with the Robust musculature and strong bones Despite their size they can weigh up to Five kilos and males and 5.4 kilos in Females the Pekinese dog’s head is large Compared to their body and they somewhat

Resemble a lion with a flattened snout And dark eyes their ears are Heart-shaped and hang down on both sides They have a double coat with a soft and Dense undercoat and straight long and Rough guard hair according to the FCI Standard practically any color is Accepted for their body and facial masks This includes patches of different Colors alone not liver or Albina the Temperament of these dogs is one of Their most cherished characteristics Being very loyal and brave despite their Small size however they are also Independent and reserved they are very Loyal to the family but distrustful of Strangers These dogs are suitable for the elderly Or sedentary people it can also be good For first-time owners it’s true that the Pekinese can be a very calm dog when They reach adulthood And they enjoy lounging however as with Any dog they will need daily walks we Recommend three daily walks of about 10 To 20 minutes each don’t forget to be Very careful when walking during hard Periods or when you take dogs on a long Excursion due to their flat and snowed And long coat they are susceptible to Heat stroke so it’s essential to carry Fresh water with you it’s maybe a good Idea to bring a small carrier for them We recommend daily gentle brushing to

Remove dead hair especially during the Molting season this will help reduce the Need for bathing as well as detect Parasites knots and skin problems the Pekinese can be bathed every 15 to 20 Days but once a month is a good rule of Thumb to help maintain their natural Protective layer of skin before bathing You’ll have to untangle any knots with a Special rake type brush don’t forget to Brush them well again when you’re drying Their hair and use a quality dog shampoo These dogs can be easily trained to have Good behavior and respond to many Obedience commands when using positive Reinforcement it’s very important to Socialize them as puppies so they can Have good relationships with other People pets and environments even so They are known for not being as sociable As other companion dogs The use of punishment or denying them Sufficient attention can lead to Excessive barking destructive behavior Or even aggressive impulses such as Nipping before adopting this dog we need To ensure we are able to provide the Right levels of company affection and Education they require it will be Important to stimulate the Pekinese with All kinds of activities and games to Improve mental cognition They’ll depend on you for their Happiness and to ensure they did not

Develop the most common behavioral Problems such as excessive barking and Destructiveness we can practice with Intelligence games at home or teach them Tricks all the time we dedicate to our Pekinese will help strengthen our bond And enrich their day-to-day the Pekinese Dog due to its low genetic variety is Susceptible to various hereditary Diseases including some ocular and Respiratory diseases such as cataracts Soft palate or progressive renal atrophy It’s for this reason we need to ensure We provide them with regular veterinary Checkups every six months ensuring good Health and checking for health issues if You follow the right care advice of the Proper vaccinations and deworming Schedule it’s possible they will enjoy a Healthy life of around 10 to 13 years Here is our video for today share your Own Pekinese experiences in the comments And make your requests for more videos Don’t forget to Like and subscribe and We’ll see you next time You [Music]

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