Pet Care Tips- How to clean your dog’s teeth

Vets in Swindon the Lawn Veterinary Centre Demonstrating how to clean your dog’s teeth

Hi this is Paul wise and welcome to the Lawn vets video series in this short Video i’ll be sharing with you some tips On how to perform a procedure on your Pet to ensure the safety of you and your Pet i recommend if you’ve not already Done so that you first watch our animal Handling video okay so we’re just going To demonstrate how you go about cleaning Your dog’s teeth from michelle’s ricany Essentially i come in and show us how to Clean her own dog’s teeth dougie so She’s just going to we’re just going to Talk you through that process so start Off with your dogs might his teeth clean Before ken comes a little bit of a shock Resource go straight in there trying to Brush so we do need to build up to it so First of all let’s give him used to the Toothpaste chances are with a nice Doggie toothpaste he will quite like That so shells just going to put some of That on her finger and then just pop it In his mouth and give them a taste of it And see what he thinks Sound bit camera shy okay got taste but Now if we quite like that do we yeah we Quite like it so the idea here is to Build up to it obviously this is a very Short video but sometimes with some dogs This might take a few weeks to actually Build up so you start off just off from The toothpaste make it repairable Experience dougie now thinks that’s a

Treat which is fine so then we put a Little bit of it on our finger and we Just get used we’ll get dougie used to Massaging it into the teeth and gummy Area so he gets used to the idea of Having his mouth handled having Something put in there it quite likes The taste so it gets used to it and Doesn’t mind hopefully then us moving on To brushing but again as I said you do Need to build up don’t Dental try and do This all in one day dougie is used to Having his teeth cleaned which is why It’s got good teeth so you might be Taking a week or two maybe longer to Gain your pets confluence the best thing Over that you can do is physical Brushing and that does make a big big Difference and out of interest so how Often do you brush teeth that once week Ok and that does make a huge difference I’ve got some plants who do do it once Or even twice a day but that’s taking it To a new level but once we’ve brushing You’d be surprised how much cleaning Your pets teeth will be if you if you do That ok so let’s have a go a bit of Brush in she’ll see what you think’s to That so shells just going to lift his Lip up a little bit and just pop the Brush in and have a gentle brush she’s She’s only actually going to do the Outside of the teeth she’s not going to Try and do inside the teeth that’s very

Very difficult to and unfortunately Fortunately don’t generally speaking Need to do that most of the tartar and Muck which q mates on dog’s teeth is on The outer edge which we can get to so Don’t worry about going inside And in terms of timing how long you do It for kind of depends on how tolerant Your pet is about having it done you Don’t them to make this achoo so when They start to offer some resistance get Bit fed up that’s the time to stop and Then possibly you know a few days later Have not going try and do it for a Little bit longer once you’re finished Little treat just to round off you like Treat yeah I think more like that okay So the whole thing has been a pleasant Experience for him and he’s going to Allow us to do it again well done my Little friend as always if having Watched this video you have any Questions or if you encounter any Difficulties performing the procedure Then please phone or email surgery we’re Here to personally help give you the Very best advice and treatment possible Feel much-loved pet thanks for watching Any feedback regarding this video will Be very much appreciated You

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