Pets song for Kids | Care for Pets song for Children | I love my Pet

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Join Miss Linky for a fun song about pets! Learn about some pets that people have like cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and more!

Illustrations by: Nicole Hein Illustrations

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[Music] This is a song about Do you have a bit do you want to sing With me [Music] Now And deeper and there [Music] We park and they howl and they’ll be Your best pal some people have [Music] Because they’re the best [Music] People [Music] Can see when [Music] They see [Music] People Hubbert Some people have rabbits Rabbits like to eat carrots Their ears are long as the fee and their Tails are short and puffy Oh some people Have rabbits [Music] [Music] They are stymie to touch but they’re Beautiful to watch all some people have Fish [Music] They might in their cheeks and they like To [Music]

Every night with my pets by my side they Are my business [Music]

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