Popcorn for Dogs – Can They Eat It?

Can dogs eat popcorn? πŸΏπŸ‘‡ There are many people who wonder if dogs can eat popcorn. 🐢 Is it healthy for them? What effects can popcorn have on a dog’s health? In this AnimalWised video, we take a look at the health effects of popcorn eating in dogs. If you want to know even more about a dog’s diet and what they should and shouldn’t eat, head on over to our site and take a look at the list of human foods forbidden for dogs πŸ‘‰

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One of life’s little pleasures is a Night on the couch watching a movie and Eating popcorn made extra-special when In the company of loved ones if one such Companion is your dog it makes sense That you want to share popcorn with them Especially when they give you that Pleading face but is it good for them Let us explain at animal whines Popcorn is not a suitable food for dogs Since it offers no nutritional benefit To their body in fact whenever thinking Of incorporating any new food into a Dog’s diet we need to consider if it is Part of their nutritional requirements Such as quality protein fats and to a Lesser extent fiber minerals and Vitamins to understand why we should not Offer popcorn to our dog we must first Point out that it is not one which is Easily assimilated into the dog’s system Unlike appropriate cereals such as oats Barley or flax popcorn can also contain A lot of salt and fat especially Commercially produced microwave popcorn In addition to digestive problems Excessive fat can lead to weight gain And elevated cholesterol levels and dogs Excess salt is also harmful to a dog’s Heart health which can lead to canine Hypertension it’s possible to make Homemade popcorn which is made in a pan With little oil and steam this means No preservatives and no salt this type

Of homemade snack is much less harmful Than industrially produced popcorn if Your dog has eaten a little popcorn even The kind of preservatives and salt it Should be relatively harmless with no Major adverse effects however if the dog Ingests a large amount of industrial Popcorn it is possible they will develop Digestive problems such as gas vomiting Or diarrhea They may also be very thirsty thanks to The excessive salt intake in the most Severe cases intoxication could occur if This happens we could see uncoordinated Dizziness muscle stiffness excessive Salivation internal bleeding and Continents or other abnormal signs in These cases we need to take the dog to a Veterinarian in case they need a stomach Pump or other treatment now you know Popcorn is not ideal for dogs are there Any food-related stories you could share About your dog if so leave us a comment Like if you find this content Interesting and don’t forget to Subscribe for more to come we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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