PRIMORDIAL POUCH in CATS ๐Ÿˆ Why Your Cat Has a Fat Pouch

๐Ÿฑ Many cat guardians have noticed a bag of fat on their feline’s belly. Rather than being obese, this is often due to a primordial pouch. We explain what a primordial pouch is for and how we can differentiate between obesity in this new AnimalWised video.


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Foreign S have looked at their feline and Wondered what the little pouch of fat on Their belly means at animal wise we can Tell you it’s a primordial pouch we also Tell you what it’s for in this new video [Music] What is the primordial pouch in cats the Primordial pouch is located between the Hind limbs although made up of skin and Fat on the belly it’s not related to Being overweight it’s a flap of excess Skin which swings and moves as the Feline walks and runs this primordial Punch usually appears in the adult stage Of some cats or even from as little as Six months of age it can also appear Soon after sterilization this primordial Pouch is a trace or genetic inheritance From the wild feline ancestry it serves As a form of help to survive during Times of deprivation or scarcity what is The pouch Forum Although our domestic Felines have their basic needs met by Humans most maintain their primordial Pouch it’s believed to be retained for The following functions firstly it acts As a food reserve the primordial part Stores a quantity of fat which is very Useful for obtaining energy during times Of food scarcity the excess skin can Also expand meaning they can store up During times of abundance without Causing their body any damage they can

Then maintain nutrition for longer wild Felines still use this pouch during Periods such as winter when it’s more Difficult to find prey the pouch also Facilitates movement the excess skin can Stretch out giving the cat greater Agility when performing certain Movements these include running or Jumping over large distances finally it Protects the abdominal area this excess Skin and fat offers added protection to The vital organs which are vulnerable During attacks especially when other Cats scratch with their hind limbs cat Breeds with primordial pouches not all Cats have a primordial pouch it’s a Genetic inheritance which is not as Common in certain breeds some breeds Have a more pronounced primordial pouch Than others according to their breed Standard these breeds include the Egyptian mile Japanese bobtail Pixie bob And Bengal cat check the first info Video above for more about the Characteristics of the Bengal golcat Crosses of these breeds can also present A primordial punch however due to the Evolution of the animal and the process Of domestication it seems to be less and Less common along with a domestic feline Big cats such as the lion tiger or Jaguar also have a primordial punch How to differentiate a primordial pouch From being overweight when a cat

Guardian claims their feline has a Sagging belly they may be confusing the Primordial pouch with obesity if you Have doubts you can go to a Veterinary Center where they will examine weigh and Palpate your cat to determine whether This is the case find out when you Should take a cat to the vet in the Video above at first glance an Overweight cat will Show Excess fat in Other areas as well such as the thorax Back tail and thighs in a cat with a Suitable weight the dimensions of the Rest of their body won’t change the Primordial parts will also sway in Healthy cats excess weight and a cat can Prevent this from happening if if you Want to learn more Curiosities about Cats check out the playlist We Share Here tell us does your account have a Primordial pouch let us know in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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