RAGDOLL CAT BREED 🐱 (Characteristics, Care and Fun Facts)

🐈 If you are considering adopting a newborn, kitten or adult Ragdoll cat, in this new video from AnimalWised you will discover everything you need to know about this popular feline breed. We provide information on their origin, characteristics, character, care and health.


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[Music] If you’re thinking of adopting a ragdoll Cat animalwise provides all the basic Information you need to know what you Might expect This breed first emerged in the early 1960s thanks to anne baker of riverside California the breed appeared after Crossing a long-haired white cat which Could have been a purebred angora or a Persian mix with a colourpoint berman or Burmese type cat She bred these cats for their Temperament as much as their appearance Anne started her breeding program with Other breeders who then started their Own lines it was the kittens of these Breeders which helped establish the Breed standard of the ragdoll which was Officially recognized by the fci in 1991 Regarding their characteristics the Ragdoll is a large strong compact and Muscular cat females usually weigh Between 8 to 15 pounds while males can Weigh more than 20 pounds their head is Medium broad and round in appearance Their nose is straight with a rounded Tip and a color which is either pink or Corresponds to their coat the eyes are Large oval and deep blue in color the Ears are medium in size with a wide base And pointed ends and the neck is short And wide Their legs are of medium length and

Robust the tail is long wider at the Base and rounded at the tip in terms of Coat the most common colours are Chocolate cream red lilac blue and tan [Music] When we think of a ragdoll cat’s Character we see they tend to be very Docile they are generally sociable and Well tolerant of other cats pets and People they don’t tend to meow too much But they can be vocal emitting other Types of softer sounds they are can Affectionate and very peaceful cats but This doesn’t mean they don’t like Adventure they are curious enjoy playing And discovering new things Discover more about how cats show Affection in the video we share above In terms of their care it’s advisable to Brush them once a day or at least two to Three times per week this prevents knots And hairballs from forming in their Stomach you have to keep them properly Stimulated both physically and mentally It’s a fairly familiar cat so it’s Common for many of them to not tolerate Loneliness it’s essential they enjoy a Lot of company and adequate Environmental enrichment this means you Can’t forget to dedicate part of your Day to playing with them Our next info video shows you the best Ways to play with your cat The life expectancy of the ragdoll is

About 10 years it’s a relatively healthy Breed although due to semi-long hair Digestive problems such as hair balls in The stomach can appear They can suffer hereditary and Degenerative diseases as a result of Breeding between closely genetically Related cats The most common diseases that affect Ragdoll cats are urinary problems Polycystic kidney disease and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy In addition the ragdoll is a cat with a Tendency to obesity so it’s important to Control their diet Regular health checkups are important as With any cat If you want to know other breeds of cats Don’t forget the playlist we share here If you’re thinking of adopting a ragdoll Share your thoughts in the comments and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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