Relaxing MASSAGE for DOGS ๐Ÿถ (Benefits & What to Do)

โœ… We are not the only ones in our household who can get stressed or simply enjoy relaxation. If our dog is in need of a little respite or a little pampering, the benefits of massaging your dog are myriad. Not only does it help them to stay relaxed, but it improves our bond and can help us to destress at the same time. AnimalWised shows you how do a RELAXING MASSAGE for DOGS in this step-by-step tutorial.


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[Music] In this video we’re going to show you How to perform a relaxing massage for Dogs Let’s get started [Music] Massages for animals not only helps to Strengthen our bond but it helps to Remove stress and anxiety Massage also improves blood flow and Their lymphatic circulation It can help restore muscle elasticity And relieve pain by releasing endorphins In puppies it improves brain development As well as their immune system There are some cases when dog massages Are not recommended These include dogs with a fever tumor or An open wound It may also need to be avoided with lame Dogs or those with heart liver or kidney Problems Before starting we must remove rings Watches and bracelets to avoid damaging And distracting our dog We also advise removing the harness or Collar from our dog so they don’t get in The way Ideally we can massage in a quiet room Or in a garden where the dog is relaxed Calm and comfortable either have no Noise Or put on some relaxing music it is best To place the animal on a mat and do it

On the floor The dog can start standing and then Relax until they lie down After we had many sessions the dog will Wait for us lying down Anticipating their massage Our state of mind is very important Since dogs are very perceptive animals We must be calm so if we have a bad day It’s better not to do the massage We will start the massage by being next To the animal allowing them to see us Smell us and accept us we will place a Hand on their back without moving it And when we see their reaction is Receptive we may begin We start by moving our hands in smooth Sliding movements We begin with the head using some Superficial caresses Making circular movements at the base of Their ears [Music] We will continue along the neck in the Same direction as their hair growth These movements will be lengthening from The neck to tail [Music] They must be long movements to achieve The relaxing effect of the massage This is why the rhythm we have needs to Be slow and the pressure’s soft and Superficial [Music]

We must always maintain contact with the Animal’s skin When we slide one hand to the end we Gently lift it and start the next Movement again with the other hand Always maintaining contact [Music] We will work the hip area with the same Movement but take special care with Animals that have the hip dysplasia or Older animals with osteoarthritis [Music] These movements provide the animal with A feeling of well-being And muscular relaxation since we Stimulate small nerve endings To achieve this relaxing effect we must Make smooth Constant movements without making any Sudden motions [Music] In the hip area we can place the palm of Our hands with our fingers together and Make circular movements in this way [Music] We can lift the tail at its base and Make small movements and circles on both Sides For example 5 on the right and 5 on the Left [Music] Then we will go to the forelimbs and Make the same movement from the proximal Area to the distal

Meaning from the shoulder to the tips of The paws in the same direction of hair Growth We must not forget the backside we will Also perform these superficial caresses In the direction of venus return towards The heart [Music] We will slide towards the hind limbs From the hip through the knee Ankle and to the tips of the pods [Music] We do both front and back facing sides From the paws up [Music] If we find any area with more tension we Can use the digital kneading technique We gently lift the tissue as if we were Pinching it and slide our hands as if we Were needing bread [Music] And we release and repeat the movements [Music] [Music] We can make circles with the knuckles of Our hands or with pads of the fingers We will start working with gentle Pressure and we will increase little by Little as they relax [Music] To finish the massage we’ll perform the Stroking technique Which is a more rhythmic movement using More speed

It’s very smooth without much pressure In the same direction of hair growth And without losing contact with the [Music] Animal [Music] To work the extremities on the other Side we would have to lift them up Lie them down on the other side and Start the whole process [Music] Do not turn them while lying with their Belly up because we could risk Gastric torsion with this massage we Will be able to relax their muscles Increase their flexibility of soft Tissues reduce Pain increase blood circulation and also Improve the general state of health of The animal This massage should last 10 to 15 Minutes and you can do it once a week to Improve The life of your best friend this is our Video for today Let us know how you get on in the Comments below and we’ll see you in the Next video [Music] You

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