Save Your Dogโ€™s Nose! *Amazing Gadgets and Hacks for Pet Owners

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Your furry friend deserves all the love and care ๐Ÿฅฐ๏ธ. These gadgets and hacks are about to make your fur-parenting life easier! From indoor to traveling, we got all your cats ๐Ÿฑ and dogs ๐Ÿถ needs covered!

Timestamps :
0:16 Carry your pets comfortably / Pet sling
1:14 Fashionable mouth protector / Duck muzzle
1:38 Don’t forget to groom your cat regularly / Cat brush
2:24 When you can’t decide whether to get a dog or spider / Dog spider costume
2:53 Never lose your dog in the night / Glowing dog collar
3:38 Keep your cat entertained / Interactive cat toy
4:07 Now your cat can groom itself whenever it wants to / Pet self groomer
4:34 Nothing is more attractive for cats than this / Catnip ball
5:28 Snack treasure hunting game / Interactive dog toy
6:26 How to pick them up efficiently / Poop scooper
7:03 Brush their paws clean! / Paw cleaner
9:12 Make it a little fancy / Dog bowl
9:24 Keep your pets hydrated on your vacations / Pet travel bottle
10:21 A must-have materials for DIY / Cardboard

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[Music] [Music] I wonder if we’re gonna see anything for That baby chick A duck muzzle For your dog I guess that’s close enough Okay i see this way your puffer doesn’t Sneak snacks without you knowing Especially any suspicious breadcrumbs Yeah that’s right i read hansel and Gretel and your puppies already got a Halloween costume too [Music] Yes it’s playtime bring on the toys It’s like a carrot patch with hidden Treasure Never underestimate a puppy’s sense of Smell I sense a pattern oh look under the Carrots Now let’s see if we can make our own fun [Music] If you ever wanted to play tic-tac-toe With animals Now you know how wait do you have to eat The treats too [Music] And it looks like we have a winner and He’s such a good sport [Applause] Huh looks like more things for your pet To wear [Music]

But this time we’re going with cats Make sure mr kitty is nice and secure Zip up that zipper wow [Applause] Now your cat can get lost in a good book As you hold it for them [Applause] Okay our plan b is going to be wearing This shirt like a pouch [Music] In you go Now he’s got a nice place to relax as You prepare him snacks [Music] A collar that lights up now that is a Real fashion statement [Music] This will really step up your dog’s Laser tag game And of course making him easy to spot in The dark Then again we can always make this out Of glow sticks Just keep adding them on And make sure that they fit and Hopefully last a while and just like That your pooch is ready for a rave Two different brushes for your cat Because cats deserve nice things It even catches and releases all that Excess fur No it’s a wig Oh we’re gonna add some special touches To this brush

[Music] Cool it’s like you made a little Homespun scratching post Oh you gotta love that the cat does its Own brushing but all that hair [Music] [Laughter] It’s alive alive No wait it’s not a lie okay okay let’s Go find a dog to try this out on I think that big piece goes on the Bottom Yeah it’s a perfect fit spider dog Spider dog does whatever a spider dog Does can we swing from a web probably Not cause he’s a dog honestly anything Cute that also scares people is just Perfect for how What makes this cat toy more interactive Than regular cat toys well i guess we’re Gonna find out aren’t we [Music] Oh wow It moves on its own all the fun of Playing with your cat without actually Playing with your cat Or the fun Yeah in other words some cats just have Good taste Okay what’s next [Music] Yeah who wouldn’t wish to be a cat Such a glorious life Especially when they make it so easy to

Groom yourself [Music] Huh with enough of that fur we can make A hat for a cat [Music] Next up is a little something special For the cat Wow This combines the fun of an avocado with The things cats go nuts for catnip This kitty’s gonna sleep well tonight Now what can we do with this toilet Paper roll First cut it up into four pieces Fold them together into a sphere and add A treat inside [Music] And once again the game begins [Music] Oh it’s not free it’s priceless [Music] Oh good now our canine friends get to Join in on the fun and with tasty treats [Music] Come on puppy put your nose to work and Find those goodies Seems like fun but can we repeat this Game with a towel [Music] Just lay the kibble on the towel and Then roll it up like sushi [Music] Seems to work just as well but you’re Not sticking the toy in the laundry

[Music] Dog care is a little more than just fun And games being a responsible pet owner Can be real dirty work in other words Honey that’s not a purse Oh well get your bag ready it’s time for A walk Oh man i don’t want to know what you’ve Been feeding this dog good idea use the Tool you don’t know where this toy’s Been And you can throw it away without Getting your hands dirty hey don’t tell Me what i can and can’t use for a purse [Music] All these bristles should make ball Cleaning a breeze And look it’s electric just press the Button and add water [Applause] Just in time too look at those dirty Paws It’s like a before and after Let’s fix that Much better But let’s try out the homemade version Ew It’s a cup but what do we do for Bristles good idea [Music] Don’t forget to add water And by the looks of it You’ll need to power it yourself [Music]

It looks like it works just as well You’ll save quite a bit if you put in Some elbow grease Time for dinner good because i haven’t Eaten in like a whole hour [Music] Mmm a nice salad and the puppy Hmm gets some kibble and even he doesn’t Look too appetized Maybe it’s all in the presentation [Music] Let’s cut along the lines it’s just like Coloring [Music] And we want some bend to it so add some Tape Now everything’s got a nice shape but Still we don’t want to show off Something that looks like cardboard Gold-colored paint covers all sins And so do a bunch of fake jewels Just don’t advertise the fake bit man And all this just to host the dog food Bowl Speaking of which can we jazz up the Food here too Great [Music] Good boy look at a meeting Of course pets need to stay hydrated When you carry them around [Music] And with a few little twists and turns It becomes a fountain

[Music] Maybe we can do the same by cutting it Up [Music] Like all our best crafts it’s time to Add some fire Stick in a bottle of water [Music] Loosen the cap and let gravity do its Job Either way the dogs like it [Music] Any other photo ideas [Music] Let’s make a fun border now pick a theme Ah yes the source of all happiness money Just don’t use the real kind [Music] Though by the looks of things this new Owner can probably afford to Oh he’ll look so handsome in his Portrait Surrounded by money just like scrooge Mcduck

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