Science Confirms the Benefits of Watching CAT VIDEOS

As you have seen in our own cat videos posted on AnimalWised, cats and kittens generate very positive feelings in humans. So much so that many people wonder what effect they have on us as people. Fortunately, science confirms the benefits of watching cat videos online. A study from 2015 tells us the psychological effects watching cat videos has on us. Our productivity, stress levels and even happiness can be affected by watching cat videos online. Keep watching to find out why and check out our original article for more background information:

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Oh do you ever feel a little guilty when Watching Animalia videos online Do you worry maybe you’re wasting your Time you’re not the only one dogs and Cats are the undisputed stars of video Platforms like YouTube it is estimated That more than 15% of all videos on the Internet are of dogs and cats but should We feel bad science confirms their Actual benefits in watching videos of Cats if you don’t believe us let us Explain further [Laughter] Watching videos of cats and kittens Directly affects our emotional Well-being or at least that is what a 2015 study from the media school at Indiana University has claimed with Their survey of over 7,000 people 37 Percent of participants declare Themselves indisputably fond of cats While 76 percent acknowledge they Consume videos of animals in general not Just cats the data obtained indicates That most people feel both energized and Motivated after watching videos of cats Additionally then what’s introverted People claim that watching cat videos Help them to interact with their friends And family even if only electronically By sharing content even if some felt Guilty watching at work or school they Were still happier afterwards all of Them claim their productivity to be

Increased and feeling a sense of hope And well-being Therefore these conclusions are that Watching cat videos positively Influences the emotions and Psychological well-being of people they Feel reduced levels of stress thanks to The increase in serotonin in their blood As the researcher herself affirms this Preliminary study is not sufficient to Determine all the benefits of watching Cat videos but future surveys may Clarify whether they can be used as a Tool in therapy in addition to being Tender and friendly cats are versatile Expressive animals with a wide Expressive body language they’re able to Relax us make us laugh or simply fill Our hearts with tenderness however the Exact reason for the popularity of cat Videos is still a mystery since only 25 Percent of the participants were cat Owners YouTube has more than 1 billion Users almost 1/3 of all Internet users Every day these people watch a billion Hours of video and generate billions of Views of all these total use YouTube Statistics tell us that in 2014 more Than 2 million videos about cats were Published with around 26 billion views Between them video clips of our feline Friends have more views than any other Category on YouTube all this doesn’t Even take into account the numeral other

Views on different social networks However a study conducted in 2016 by YouTube reveals how trends are changing Between 2014 and 2016 when comparing dog And cat videos dogs seem to have accrued The most views seems the trend is Continuing this direction so the future Of funny online animal videos might be More canine than feline higher your cat Video watching habits to prefer watching Videos of other animals to relax leave Us your comments below to share your Experiences give us a like if you Enjoyed this video and don’t forget to Subscribe for more we’ll see you next Time [Music]

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