SIAMESE CATS 🐱 (Origin, Characteristics, Character and Care)

🐈 If you are thinking of adopting a SIAMESE CAT, you will want to know as much about them as you can. AnimalWised explains the origin, characteristics, character and care of the Siamese cat. This will help you know what to do when you adopt a Siamese kitten or adult cat.


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If you're thinking of adopting a Siamese Cat animal wise explains what you can Expect in terms of how to care for them As well as a little about their Origins And character [Music] Origin the Siamese breed comes from the Ancient Kingdom of Siam which is Present-day Thailand their Origins Possibly began as far back as the 14th Century although it wasn't until the 19th century that specimens were seen Outside of Asia it was only around the 1950s this breed started to gain the Prominence we see today thanks to Breeding programs and greater presence And competitions we can find two Varieties of Siamese by the 1980s the Modern Siamese cat had become the Dominant type with its very slender body And wedge-shaped head it was only Recently that the traditional Siamese Cat has been properly recognized now is Seen as a separate breed known as the Thai cat this breed is more robust and Has the apple shaped head more common in Felines in general both types of Siamese Are known for their color Point coat Pattern which displays a light-colored Body with dark patches of fur on the Extremities and face Characteristics the Siamese cat is Characterized by being slender and Stylized yet muscular they are medium in

Height with a long body females usually Weigh up to 6.6 pounds or 3 kilograms While males weigh up to 12 pounds or 5.5 Kilograms they have a narrow flat tail And a wedge-shaped head that tippers Towards the snout their eyes are almond Shaped and intense blue in color the Ears are erect and large the Thai cat Variety is more muscular with medium Length legs a more rounded head and a Compact rounded body all Siamese cats Are color point but we can find them With Blue Seal Point lilac and even Tortoiseshell colorations although not All are officially accepted the Thai Siamese cat has the same possible coat Colorations as the modern Siamese but The reason some parts of their body are Lighter than others is determined by Body temperature with the colored areas Being darker Character they stand out for being both Hyperactive and agile the Siamese is a Cheerful fun and affectionate companion But are also noted for their loud meow This is learned in the nickname of the Great meower Siamese cats are loyal and Devoted to their human Guardians happily Expressing their desires and emotions Their personality can be sociable or shy But are generally wary of strangers Having another cat companion is good for Their development as they love a sense Of family they also love to play and can

Learn games such as fetch discover Another very affectionate breed with a Guide to Exotic short hair cats we share Above Care the Siamese cat is a clean and calm Breed that requires specific care it can Be quite demanding the food so it's Important they have quality feed Formulated for their specific needs Dietary changes must be carried out Gradually the Siamese needs plenty of Physical and mental stimulation for Health and well-being although they Groom themselves they require weekly Brushing they are also sensitive to Temperature changes and prefer warm Environments we need to be firm but Patient in their education and always Avoid schooling as it can lead to Anxiety in this breed Health the Siamese cat is usually of Good health proof of which can be seen In their 15-year average life expectancy As with any cat there are certain health Issues which are genetically more Prevalent in this breed these include Strabismus respiratory infections heart Disease per circulation obesity Otitis and deafness If you pay attention to your Siamese Cat's care they can be with the family For a long time the longest lived Siamese is reported to have lived 36 Years if you want to know other breeds

Of cats and their characteristics don't Miss the playlist We Share here leave a Message if you're thinking of adopting a Siamese cat and we'll see you next time

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