SIBERIAN CAT – Characteristics, Care and Health

Information about the SIBERIAN CAT 👇 The Siberian cat, sometimes known as the Siberian Forest cat is one of the world’s most popular cat breeds. If you are considering adopting one of these cats into your family (or you are already lucky to have one already), then you will want to know all you can about them. This AnimalWised video on the ”SIBERIAN CAT – Characteristics, Care and Health” helps you do just that. We will show you the characteristics that help identify the Siberian cat from other breeds as well as what you need to know about their health and care requirements so you can give them the best chance at a long and happy life. If you want to know some more of the world’s most popular cat breeds, you can go here:


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With an abundant coat and captivating Gaze the Siberian cat is one of the World’s most popular and well Appreciated feline briefs in this animal Wise video we explain about their Characteristics and care so you can know Why this is the case [Music] The Siberian cat is one of the so-called Forest cat breeds which also include the Maine and Norwegian Forest Cat Specimens of the Siberian cat are known To roam the leafy groves of Russia and The Ukraine little is believed to Originate from the crossing of domestic Cats with wild cats from the Siberian Forests hence their name it is the National cat of Russia the most Representative feature of the Siberian Cat is their lush 3 layered fur which Can be of virtually any color except for Chocolate or violet they usually have Green or amber eyes although blue can Also be present they weigh between 4.5 And 9 kilograms for both male and Females alow each cat has their own Specific character generally they are Breed which stands out for a suitable Affectionate and friendly temperament if Well socialized they will relate well With all kinds of individuals whether Adults children other cats or even dogs They are also very playful creatures one Aspect of Siberian cat care which needs

Specific attention is the maintenance of Their fur we should brush at least two Or three times a week to eliminate knots And reduce hair balls we should offer Only quality food as well as a minimum Of 30 minutes of play per day mental Stimulation games should also be Incorporated these cats are usually in a Good state of health in fact as a Relatively recently registered breed There are few known hereditary diseases Although they can occur spontaneously For cats where this does occur they Should not reproduce Despite their relative good health Vaccinations and periodic deworming Schedules are necessary their life Expectancy for the breed is between 18 And 20 years like if you find the video Useful and subscribe for more to come We’ll see you next time [Music]

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