Siberian Husky VS German Shepherd 🐕 Which Is Best for You?

🐶 Are you thinking of adopting one of these two breeds but can’t decide? In this AnimalWised video we explain the similarities and differences between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky, so that you get to know these breeds better and know which one will best suit your life. Find out more about their origin, character, physical characteristics, care, education and health!


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Are you thinking of adopting either a German shepherd or siberian husky but Can’t decide In this animal-wise video we explain the Similarities and differences between These two breeds So that you can know them better and Decide which one or neither Is for you [Music] Looking at their origins can help us Understand these two breeds better The origin of the siberian husky is Somewhat uncertain as both russia and The usa claim to be the place where this Breed originates Several sources suggest they come from The chukchi people a paleo-siberian Tribe who are believed to first bred This dog Being very fast and resilient dogs they Were used from the beginning to pull Sleds in freezing temperatures On the other hand the german shepherd is Originally from germany where it was Used as a working dog They are currently used in myriad tasks From search and rescue to working as Police dogs or security dogs Regarding their physical appearance the Siberian husky is a large Strong and muscular dog their eyes are Usually hazel brown or sky blue Although some specimens have

Heterochromia this means they can have One eye of each colour In regards to their coat the husky can Be of the following colours and Combinations White black tan grey stable and red Thanks to their physical characteristics This breed can adapt to different Climates and environments but they have A higher level of tolerance to cold Weather The german shepherd is similar to the Siberian husky in terms of size and Shape as they are also a strong and Muscular dog But dogs of this breed usually have very Dark eyes unlike the husky Among their most common colours are Black tan yellowish and grey Unlike the siberian husky the german Shepherd has a greater tolerance to hot Weather The character of huskies makes them very Special being affectionate playful and Familiar dogs Although they can be distant with Strangers they enjoy the company of Other dogs and their family To avoid behavioral problems it’s Essential they are well socialized from Puppyhood What stands out the most about the Character of the german shepherd is that They are usually balanced

Safe and reliable also they are Distinguished by their heightened Defensive instinct Although they tend to be somewhat Suspicious of strangers they are not an Aggressive dog by nature Of course the socialization of the puppy Is essential to avoid problems in the Future Since no dog has a character dictated Only by genetics [Music] Both are active breeds that need plenty Of exercise and mental stimulation to Stay healthy and happy Still we could say that the husky is a Little more energetic than the german Shepherd So may require a little more time for Physical exercise However both breeds will need a lot of Exercise and long walks It’s recommended we brush them daily to Take care of their coat and finally you Must ensure we offer them a high quality Diet Always paying attention to the amount Indicated for their specific weight and Age Although it will depend on the Individual the husky is generally a Docile breed Although both breeds are intelligent Raising a husky often requires more

Knowledge perseverance and patience Than raising a german shepherd we need At least 10 to 15 minutes of mental Stimulation per day This will help them remember training And commands but it’s essentially do so Using positive reinforcement To achieve the most effective results For their part The german shepherd is an excellent dog For education and obedience training Thanks to their natural predisposition In addition they are among the five most Intelligent dog breeds in the world Do you want to know the other four Discover them in the video that we share Here It will be essential that we work on Their development from the time they are Puppies And continue working on obedience in Their adult stage to keep them mentally Healthy In both breeds it’s essential to work on Socialization stimulation of the senses And intelligence games finally we can Affirm that although some specimens may Develop certain diseases In general the siberian husky usually Has excellent health In contrast the german shepherd due to Indiscriminate breeding Is prone to various inherited diseases But

If we offer good care visit the vet Every six months and follow their Vaccination schedules There’s no reason they can’t have a long And happy life tell us which of the two Breeds do you think would best suit your Way of life Let us know in the comments and we’ll See you next time

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