The 10 Most popular Japanese Dog Breeds

How many Japanese dog breeds can you named? You are bound to recognize some of them, but in this AnimalWised video for ’The 10 Most popular Japanese Dog Breeds’, you’ll probably see some you haven’t seen before. Japanese culture is ancient and storied. So too are their dog breeds. If you are a love of Japan and its culture, but don’t know much about its canine heritage, this list of Japanese dog breeds is for you. If you know little abour Japanese culture, but love dogs of all varieties, then this video is for you too. The top 10 Japanese dog breeds are:


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[Music] Japanese dogs are special not only in Their homeland but across the world some Of their traits extend back centuries And have created very specific physical Characteristics but this same rich History has led to some of the most Loyal and courageous dog breeds find Anywhere and lil Weis brings you the ten Most popular Japanese dog breeds so you Can see why this is for yourself [Music] The Akita Inu is a thousand-year-old Japanese dog breed but it has changed in Different respects over this time this Powerful yet beautiful dog has been Employed in various working dog guises But is possibly know best known as a Companion dog these Japanese dogs Generally have a very strong personality But also a tendency towards shyness Socialization from the puppy stage is Imperative they do not bark for no Reason so pay attention if you hear them Vocalizing the Akita Inu is often Thought of as a single Guardian dog but They can be an excellent family dog in The appropriate circumstances these dogs Are particularly faithful and devoted Proof of this can be found in the story Of Hachiko the most faithful dog in the World the Shiba Inu dog breed is one of Six endemic to Japan and one of the few Which dates back to antiquity there are

Parents resembles that at the Akita Inu Although it is a much smaller dog they Are friendly very active faithful but at Times can be somewhat shy the Shikoku Dog originally from the island of tosser Was formerly used to hunt large animals Such as wild boar or deer three Varieties of this breed are currently Known that alwa hung yahwah and hatta in Appearance it is similar to the Shiba Inu Although noticeably larger it is Considered a medium-sized dog which is Very active agile and energetic but Faithful all the while the are Kaido is A medium to large-sized dog with a Robust and strong musculature Particularly in the haunches it is Believed to have originated in China but This is hard to tell when your lineage Goes back 3,000 years its strength made It useful and pursuing big games such as Bears wild boar or deer They’re included in the Spitz category Of breeds they’re very active easy to Motivate and intelligent dogs they also Stand out for their loyalty the Keyshia Anu has remained the local dog of the Region which has borne its name for Hundreds of years although it is not Commonly found in the West in antiquity Its coat showed a range of bright colors But after the passage of time the most Common are white beige and black they

Have a can character with a docile Predisposition provided they’re given Daily exercise company and affection They have a strong prey Drive that can Live with cats have socialized with them As puppies the history of the tosa inu Is relatively short compared to other Japanese breeds it was established in 1848 by crossing jakku key bulldog Mastiff german Braco and great dane Breeds it is a brave strong energetic And faithful dog sadly it has also been Used as a fighting dog the Japanese Spitz descends from a variety of spits Dog introduced to Japan around 1920 Although fairly quiet the Spitz often Used barking as an alarm whenever Detecting a presence in their home Unlike breeds close to them such as the Samoyed or American Eskimo the Japanese Spitz is little known there are many Theories about the origin of the Japanese spaniel it’s believed the breed Is of Korean origin and was given as a Gift to Japanese royalty in any case It’s strong resemblance to the Pekinese And other breeds of Chinese origin mean It is from somewhere in Asia small but Active alert and with an independent Temperament The Chi can also known as the Torah Anu Is related to the Japanese Spitz this Ancient hunting dog is part of the Country’s national heritage although it

Is not as common in Japan as some they Are especially intelligent and active Very loyal and have a tendency to be Sociable The last breed on our list is the Japanese Terrier it’s a little-known Breed which descends in the European Smooth haired Fox Terrier in the 17th Century it’s a small dog but jovial and Cheerful they are especially active and Playful with their Guardians this is our Video for today do you have any Experience with Japanese breeds you’d Like to share comment below if so like If you enjoyed the video and subscribe For more to come we’ll see you next time [Music]

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