The BENEFITS of PETTING Your CAT 🀚🏻🐱 (For Both of You)

🐈 Do you know the benefits of petting for cats and their caregivers? In this AnimalWised video we explain the benefits that we provide to the cat when stroking it and the benefits for people of stroking a pussycat. Do not miss it!


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It is a myth that cats are independent And only use humans for their basic Needs Cats enjoy being petted as much as we Enjoy petting them At animal wise we explain the three main Benefits cats receive from being petted As well as how it can improve our own Well-being [Music] [Music] It reminds them of their mother cats Seek out our company so they can receive Affection In their eyes we represent a mother Figure one who cares for their every Need When they are a newborn kittens will Suckle at their mother’s teeth who will In turn Lick them encouragingly our petting Reminds them of this action And helps them to feel bonded and safe They are provided with a sense of Well-being Even if a cat is an adult this Child-parent relationship remains to Some degree The nature of the domestication process Has created this dynamic Since they don’t have to mature in the Same way as they did in the wild Petting provides close contact which Benefits the cat throughout their life

When we pet them we often see their Tails stretch and become rigid The same behavior which happens with Kittens and their mother our petting Transmits a sense of well-being Which spells happiness which they can Only feel with those closest to them It makes them happy physical contact Often causes them to purr Although there are different meanings Behind this sound when they pair while Being petted It means they are happy and at ease Purring also relates to their infancy Beginning from the age of one week it is A sign to their mother that they are Happy And content if you want to know more About why cats purr Don’t miss the video that we share here Benefits to us of petting a cat science Has determined that living with a cat Can provide many health benefits to the People they share their lives with In fact it can even help us to live Longer petting a cat has been shown to Relax us Improve our mood and lower stress by Reducing cortisol levels It increases oxytocin levels lowers Blood pressure And protects the heart it has also been Shown that living with a cat Helps us to maintain social

Relationships reduces feelings of Loneliness And encourages responsibility in Children in this video We detail even more of the benefits we Can feel when we share our lives with a Feline In short petting a cat for just a few Minutes a day reduces the stress we are Subjected to on a daily basis Coming home and stroking our cat helps Us to enter a state of relaxation This intensifies when the cat begins to Pour tell us Does your cat like to be petted let us Know in the comments and we’ll see you Next time

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