The Benefits of Scratching Trees for Cats – And Where to Put Them

Scratching trees provide many benefits for cats. Cats scratch for different reasons. They do so to remove dirt from between their claws, to file these claws and to mark their territory through scent glands on their paw pads. Scraper trees provide more than meeting these basic feeling needs. They provide environmental enrichment, meaning they provide a cat something in their home life which benefits them both physically and mentally. They can be used to scratch, but they can also meet a cat’s need to go to high places and rest somewhere they feel safe and contented. Not only that, but they help to prevent your sofa from being turned into confetti. This video from AnimalWised shows you the benefits of scratching trees for cats and helps you to work out where to place yours. You can also check out our article on environmental enrichment for cats to learn more:

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[Music] Welcome to today’s video from animal Wise where we are presenting one of the Most popular accessories for our feline Friends the scratching tree this is a Multi-story structure which can Incorporate many different elements such As scratching pads accessories and toys Rest areas or even a nest or hammock Keep watching to discover the many Benefits of this tree and help know Where to place it [Music] We start by emphasizing the importance Of following the manufacturer’s Instructions when assembling the Scratching tree if it is not suitably Fixed the cat will likely not want to Risk an unstable structure many domestic Cats particularly loose in cities will Not have access to the outside world This is why environmental enrichment in The form of toys and accessories is so Important so their curiosity is satiated And they can have fun this is why the Location of the scraper tree is Fundamental the majority of people place Their scraper tree next to a wall in a Corner or somewhere else out of the way Being considerate of our cats however Means we should place them next to a Window this allows the cat to see what Happens outside even if they can’t go There themselves this view of the

Outside world will also encourage them To rest on the tree the ability to see Outside from a vantage point already Proves the scratching tree is a source Of enrichment for our felines but the Truth is they provide so much more for Our cats did you know that domestic cats Can have up to five different places They consider a favorite resting sites Cats like to sleep a lot of the day and Will often choose somewhere high up to Do so as they feel safe and comfortable There not only can they rest in comfort But there will be away from the general Commotion of an often busy home which Could make them feel stressed or upset Likewise if your scraper tree has enough Scraping surfaces they can sharpen that And clean their claws on it scrapers and Scratchers are essential items for cat Guardians as it CCH their natural needs Without damaging your furniture or other Items in the home do you have any Special ideas or examples of a Scratching tree for cats if so let us Know all about it in the comments give Us a like if you enjoyed the video and Subscribe to our channel for more see You next time [Music] You [Music]

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