The BEST FRUIT for CATS – Feeding Guide & Benefits

Did you know that cats often enjoy fruit? Not only that, but there are some fruits which are beneficial to a cat’s health. At AnimalWised we reveal the BEST FRUIT for CATS, so you can know which are the ideal type of fruit to feed a feline. Before you give fruit to a cat, you have to ensure you know what nutritional benefit they can provide. We also need to know which fruit is better for a cat and which needs to be avoided. As cats are carnivorous animals, they need to have a diet based mainly on protein sourced from meat and fish. However, you can add a little fruit to their diet as a means of supplementing this main feed. How much fruit you can give to a cat is revealed in the video, along with the best types of fruit to give your cat and how you should best introduce it to their diet.

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Cats are carnivorous animals Necessitating a diet based mainly on Pruiting this doesn’t mean we can’t Supplement their diet to make it richer And more varied adding fruit to your Cat’s food intake can bolster their Health and give them a tasty treat at The same time Animal wise reveals the best food to Give your cat as well as explaining how To safely incorporate them into their Diet [Music] Cats can eat fruits but only in Moderation as we said cats are Carnivorous and will have a diet based Extensively on meat and fish through These sources cats can get the nutrients They need to stay healthy for this Reason the consumption of fruit and Vegetables for cats needs to be limited Now we know cats can enjoy fruit in Moderation what benefits do they provide For cats the most important is hydration Cats don’t always drink enough water so It’s necessary to sometimes provide food With a high water content to ensure they Are properly hydrated this extra Hydration is particularly important in The summer so giving them a piece of Fresh fruit can help them cool down in a Healthy way Additionally fruit is rich in Antioxidants fiber vitamins and minerals

Cats can eat almost any fruit but there Are some recommended more than others Fruit with a low sugar and high vitamin Content is ideal but it’s important to Completely avoid grits and raisins as These can be toxic for cats instead you Should try the following melon and Watermelon both melon and watermelon are Fruits composed almost entirely of water Making them ideal treats for the hot Summer months they are also high in Vitamins A and C strawberries this Popular red fruit is also an excellent Source of vitamin C additionally the Strawberry is rich in antioxidants Calcium and potassium raspberries and Blueberries as with strawberries and Other red fruits raspberries and Blueberries are rich in antioxidants Vitamins and minerals these fruits also Have less sugar than most others this is The fact that they have more calcium Means they are considered one of the Best fruits for cats This fruit contains a large proportion Of water and is very refreshing Unfortunately pears also have more sugar Than many other fruits so should only be Eaten in very small portions apple the Apple also provides significant amounts Of vitamin C calcium and other minerals In addition it helps regulate intestinal Transit thanks to its digestive Properties similar to the pear peach and

Apricot rich in fiber phosphorus Potassium magnesium and iron peach and Apricot are very good fruits for cats Many particularly enjoying them it’s Necessary to peel them and remove the Pit before feeding to your feline mango We finish our list of the best fruits For cats with mango thanks to its high Content of vitamins A B and C as well as Contribution of minerals it’s an ideal Fruit to use as a cat treat fruits Should never exceed more than 5% of a Cat total diet the main sources needing To be meat and fish this is why we can Only offer cats pieces of fruit from Time to time and in small quantities a Perfect way to give fruit to your cat is To use them as a reward for good Behavior as they are healthier more Digestible and more refreshing than Commercial cat treats in cases where There are stones or seeds it’s necessary To remove them the same goes for fruit With thicker peels such as mango Watermelon or peach pears and apples can Be given with or without their skin do You want to share with us your cat’s Favorite fruit if so please share with Us in the comments below like if you Find the video helpful and subscribe for More we’ll see you next time [Music]

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