The BEST WAY to PLAY With a PUPPY 🐢 (5 Games for Puppies)

πŸ• If you have just adopted a young dog, you will need to know the best way to play with a puppy. AnimalWised looks at the best games to play with a puppy to ensure their safety, as well as what you need to consider when playing with puppies to best ensure a healthy development and to protect their wellbeing.


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If you've just adopted a puppy playing With them will be at the front of your Mind animal wise shows you the best way To play with a puppy to ensure their Safety [Music] The importance of play in puppies play Behavior is essential for a puppy's Development and well-being some Guardians think playing together is Optional or something which they can do On their own but games and play are Instinctual to dogs being important for Their education and maturation it's not A coincidence we see puppies play with Their siblings and mother as soon as They can it is their nature How long to play with the puppy there is No strict period of time you need to Play with a puppy how much play is Beneficial will depend on their Individual energy levels age and type of Game puppies sleep 18 to 20 hours a day Although they can become very playful They also Tire easily and can usually Only muster around 20 minutes per Session after this they become exhausted And fall asleep as your puppy grows they Will build greater endurance and stamina Until they are adult and can often play Upwards of an R without tiring out there Are multiple game options you can play With your puppy let's see the main ones Tug of war this is a common game

Guardians play with their dogs and it's A great way to satisfy their hunting Instinct while receiving exercise when You play take a rope toy or similar and Try to remove it from the puppy it's Important you encourage them to let go Rewarding them appropriately when they Do we should reinforce this with a Verbal instruction such as let go we Should also let them win periodically This game helps to prevent your puppy Developing resource protection problems And shows you will not steal their toys It can also help them to drop items if They pick up something inappropriate in Their mouth on the card above we share a Video where we explain how to teach a Puppy to play without biting Cheers playing Chase with a ball or Other toy will also be a way to tire out Your puppy while satisfying their Instincts you can even alternate it with The tug of war by throwing the Rope Every time they release it in order to Reinforce this Behavior Sent games we can use food or other Aromas to help our puppy to play Properly thanks to their Keen sense of Smell tracking games are more difficult For still developing puppies but you can Hide a treat and get the puppy to find It on their own or do the same using a Food puzzle game you can also add words To help them learn their basic commands

And Associate them with the Corresponding actions Discover the best toys for dogs in the Next video we share in the card Proprioceptive games activities aimed at Stimulating proper reception are those Aimed at using the body's internal Senses aiding the perception of One's Own movement balance and muscle tone Games of this kind are made up of Circuits in which the dog has to Overcome different challenges such as Navigating different heights obstacles And terrains Intelligence games these kinds of games Are those in which the dog has to solve A problem or overcome a challenge to Achieve a goal usually a treat they are Beneficial because they stimulate a Puppy mentally and create patterns of Behavior out of trial and error Processes which are applicable later in Life Solo games it's vitally important your Puppy also learns to entertain Themselves from an early age this can be Through activities such as extracting Food from a Kong looking for hidden food Ropes or even bones this needs to be in A space where they can feel calm and Safe if the puppy learns to be alone Without depending on their Guardian Separation anxiety can be prevented when They have to be left home alone

If you want to continue learning about The care and education of a puppy don't Miss the playlist We Share here what's Your favorite game to play with a puppy Share in the comments and we'll see you Next time [Music]

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