The Best Ways to PLAY with Your CAT 🐱 Toys and Games

🐱 Playing with your cat is an important responsibility for every cat guardian. In this AnimalWised, we explain how games and play help to stimulate your cat both physically and mentally, and provide practical advice on how to best play with your cat.


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Play is fundamental for a cat helping Them to both maintain a healthy physical Constitution And a positive emotional state it’s Common for domestic housecats to have Limited means to exercise their innate Hunting instincts Often causing frustration or redirection Of this behavior into attacking their Guardian’s hands or ankles In this new video from animal wise we Show you everything you need to know About playing with cats By recommending toys and detailing the Feline instincts related to games We also provide ideas and tips to help Improve their quality of life Through play [Music] Lifestyle significantly influences the Behavior and well-being of our felines Although cats can sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day It’s important to highlight they have an Intense level of activity when they are Awake This can often be diminished when we Have a cat which lives in a home without Access to the outside In these cases the felines can’t carry Out the hunting behavior which would Take up to about six hours of their day In the wild This is because the wild cats need to

Find food to sustain themselves This can translate to bored cats cats With weight problems Or those which compulsively chase things Additionally This problem is aggravated when the Guardian is unable to correctly Interpret feline language Thinking the cat is looking for food but They actually seek social interaction And play By playing with cats we improve their Quality of life and the bond with their Owner As well as preventing problems related To excessive weight and stress This is why playing with a cat is so Important cats are curious animals that Need to experience new things to feel Stimulated And it’s important to emphasize that Commercial toys should not be the Exclusive form their entertainment takes A cat can play with plants boxes or Pretty much any object which enters our Home and piques their curiosity Or provides some type of challenge However with wanting to play with the Cat It may be advisable to use toys to avoid Getting scratched or bitten Since play behavior is so closely Related to hunting what toys should we Choose to know how to play with the cat

And motivate them in a positive and Successful way Hunting toys are usually recommended Including fishing rod toys which have Allure at the end to attract the cat This could include feathers or a pipe Cleaner to mimic birds and insects Although each cat has their preference We can also find toy mice or interactive Toys that move by themselves Some even emit a noise to add extra Attractiveness We can also use intelligence toys such As the kong or similar varieties which Act as food dispensers In general these types of toys combine Physical and mental stimulation But don’t include the guardian as a Participant in the games Many people confuse environmental Enrichment with simply leaving lots of Toys around this is a mistake as cats Will show a lot of interest in various Objects Substances and new smells this is why we Often see them stop playing when we play With a static toy which doesn’t offer Them much curiosity Even when we talk about interactive Games or toys that move by themselves The cat can lose interest for this Reason it can be a good idea to have a Box with our cat’s toys And remove one or two of them every day

This way we can mix up what toys they Play with And replace them again when things get a Little stale we can use toys we keep Aside as a surprise when it comes time To interact and play together However we can also rub them with catnip Or some other smell they enjoy And leave them for the times they are Left alone a university study was Carried out on 165 Shelter cats to research animal welfare Cats placed in an enriched environment With care based on positive Reinforcement and consistency Showed significant improvement in Well-being and a reduction in stress In comparison to those without these Influences in the majority of cases These cats also took more opportunities To interact and carry out natural play How long should you play with a cat each Day it’s important to note that the Needs vary according to each individual Although it is a fact that play can Improve the levels of stress and anxiety In the feline A study from the journal animal behavior Highlights the negative effects of Excess stimulation It can significantly increase stressful Situations And it isn’t always an indicator of Well-being in the case of cats that have

Been deprived of stimulation for a long Time Therefore play should always be carried Out progressively adapting it to the Individual their specific needs for Games and stress reduction However on average the daily playing Time should be approximately 30 minutes we hope you find the advice About playing with cats useful And it offers some tips about how to Improve interaction with your cat If you have any of your own suggestions You’d like to add please do so in the Comments We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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