The BORDER COLLIE Dog Breed 🐢 (Origin, Characteristics, Character and Care)

πŸ• If you are thinking of adopting a Border Collie, this AnimalWised video explains everything you need to know about the breed. You will learn their origins, characteristics, care, health and much more so you can decide if sharing your life with a Border Collie is for you.


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[Music] If you are thinking of adopting a border Collie there are some important aspects About their character and care you need To consider animal y shares what they Are [Music] The direct ancestors of this breed and Other British dog breeds arrived on the British Isles between the 5th and 1st Centuries BC with the arrival of Celtic Tribes Celtic dogs were crossed with Native British dogs which gave rise to Various types of Collie breeds their Name derives from the fact they were Commonly used in the anglo-scottish Borders since their origin they've been Highly valued as a herding dog for their Working ability and intelligence Abilities which mean they are still in Use today Despite such ancient Origins it wasn't Until the 20th century that the breed Was officially recognized by breed Standard organizations such as the world Canine organization and the candle Club Discover the other types of collie dog Breeds with the video we share on the Card above The Border Collie is a particularly Athletic and agile breed but are of Medium size measuring about 21 inches at The withers and weighing around 44 Pounds their elongated body gives them a

Very Dynamic appearance with their Powerful legs meaning they can cut Across a field very swiftly their ears Can be erect or semi-erect and their Nose can be brown or black their eyes Can be brown black or light gold Although heterochromia is relatively Common in this breed There are two varieties of fur either Long or short both have a double coat Which protects against the cold in Winter and sheds during summer they can Have a range of colors including black White brown tan chocolate or marrow [Music] In terms of character the Border Collie Is a very active and energetic dog this Means they should only be adopted by Active families ideally those which take Part in various athletic Pursuits such As hiking and training her education Requires time and persistence without it They can become destructive hyperactive And anxious although they can be Reserved around strangers they are very Sensitive dogs which will be very Affectionate and obedient when trained It's very active and athletic dogs Border Collies need quality food adapted To their stage in life and other factors They will also need a minimum of three Walks a day ideally combining training And other physical exercise during this Time

They'll also need plenty of mental Stimulation using intelligence toys Tracking exercises and other activities These should be performed at least three Times a week Learn some scent tracking games to use With your dog in the next info video we Share above Finally it's necessary to brush them at Least three times a week to remove dead Hair and provide a healthy coat baths Should be every month and a half or so So they don't lose their natural layer Of protection The Border Collie is the most Intelligent dog breed in the world and It's been shown that it takes an average Of five exercises to learn a new command The average of dogs which are not Considered as intelligent is around 30 To 40 repetitions To enjoy a balanced and well-behaved dog It's essential we use positive Reinforcement during training although They can be a sociable breed Border Collies will need to be socialized from The time they are a puppy from five or Six months you can start training on Basic dog commands once they Master These you should consider integrating Canine Sports at which they Excel such As agility training The Border Collie has experienced Increasing popularity in recent years

Which has led to an increase in illegal Breeding and a lack of proper knowledge To ensure good rearing this has resulted In an increase in hereditary diseases And behavioral problems including Aggressiveness and anxiety Some of the most common diseases to Affect this breed include collie eye Anomaly deafness cataracts Ataxia hip Dysplasia and lens luxation among others To avoid or detect these problems early It's recommended to go to the vet at Least once a year as well as follow the Mandatory vaccination and deworming Schedules their life expectancy is Between 14 and 17 years If you want to know other breeds of dogs And their characteristics don't miss the Playlist We Share here whether you've Already adopted a border collie or are Thinking of doing so leave us a comment Below with your thoughts and we'll see You next time

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