The CAT That helped SOLVE a MURDER πŸ™€ 🐾

Do you know the story of Snowball? In 1994, this cat helped solve a murder which had few other leads. It seems incredible, right? In this AnimalWised video we tell you the whole story of how a cat helped solve a murder.

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Have you ever heard of a cat named Snowball who helped to solve a murder While it seems incredible it is Completely true and the kiss help change Her investigations are carried out ever Since stay with animal wise to hear the Whole story the mysterious murder it all Started in 1994 when a 32 year old woman With five children disappeared from her Home on Prince Edward Island in Canada Police find her abandoned car with its Interior splattered in blood for days Investigators searched for clues to find The killer but came up short It wasn’t until three weeks later they Find the key to the whole case even if They didn’t know it at the time in a Forest about six miles from the victim’s Home A man’s leather jacket was find in a Plastic bag After analyzing blood find on the jacket It was discovered to be the same as that Found at the scene of the crime police And investigators knew finding the owner Of the jacket would reveal the identity Of the killer but how could they link The two it police find cat hairs in the Mysterious jacket coincidentally the man Who had lived with the victim also lived With a white cat named snowball That’s when researchers saw a great Opportunity they needed to know if the Hairs in the jacket belong to snowball

When the police inspector discovered he Couldn’t simply order a forensic cat DNA Test he contacted the laboratory of Genetic diversity scientists drew Snowballs blood and compared it to the Hair samples the result concluded the Genetic material from the fine hair and Snowball DNA was virtually identical but This was not enough to confirm the two Samples were from the same cat after Centuries of selective breeding domestic Animals could have many genetic Similarities so the scientists had to Compare DNA found with other cats from Prince Edward Island to the United States after this lengthy investigation They were finally able to arrest and Charge the ex-partner of the murdered Woman the evidence provided by snowball Tipped the jury to pass a guilty verdict This is the story of snowball the cat Who unknowingly helped solve a murder Did you know about this story learning About famous cats can be fascinating but It can also be helpful to you here we Share a video which explains why we’ll See you next time [Music]

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