The CAT That WROTE a PHYSICS PAPER ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿฑ (F. D. C. Willard aka Chester)

โš–๏ธ๐Ÿˆ Did you know that there was a cat who co-authored a physics paper in the 1970s? Chester was the best feline friend of physicist and mathematician Jack H. Hetherington. Discover the curious story of this cat ended up in this AnimalWised video!


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Did you know there was a cat who Co-authored a paper in an esteemed Physics journal In this animal-wise video we explained How chester the cat became famous For writing in the field of Low-temperature physics Keep watching to know more Who was chester chester was a siamese Cat who lived with his human companion Jack hetherington this man was a Physicist and mathematician Who in 1975 was investigating the Physics of low temperatures Heatherington worked at michigan state University and was finishing an article He wanted to publish In the authoritative scientific journal Physical review letters He asked a colleague to read the paper Before submission and was confronted With a problem The article was written in the first Person plural intimating it was authored By more than one person Since the work was written on a Typewriter having to change all the Pronouns in the text Was going to take a significant amount Of time and work [Music] Heatherington’s solution heatherington Had an idea which would save him the Arduous and tedious task of rewriting

All his work He decided to find a co-author he Decided the perfect candidate was Chester So that none of his friends would Recognize the name of his feline he Decided to sign with the moniker Fdc willard the initial stood for felis Domesticus chester and willard was the Name of chester’s father And that’s how chester became the Co-author of a physics paper The publication of the article the Journal physical review letters Published the paper on november 24 1975 The article was successful with other Journals contacting authors Heatherington and willard to write more Articles related to their research In fact in september 1980 an article Signed only by fdc willard was published Eventually hetherington had to reveal Willard’s true identity as journalists Went to the university of michigan to Interview both professors Most people found it funny although the Editors of the journals were not overly Amused Have you heard of this story if you want To meet other cats that made history Don’t miss the video that we share here We’ll see you next time

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