The EMOTIONAL Story of HACHIKO: The faithful dog 🐢

Hachiko’s story is known worldwide for his display of affection and loyalty towards his human best friend. In this video from AnimalWised, we explain the story of the faithful dog that showed great fidelity and unconditional love towards his best friend, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno.


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Do you know the history of hachiko he is A dog known worldwide for his display of Affection and loyalty to his human best Friend Movies have even been filmed telling his Story hachiko is the perfect example of The love a doll can feel towards a Person We explain his moving story in this Video from animal-wise Life with his teacher hachiko was in Nikita in newborn in 1923 in the akita Prefecture of northern japan A year later he became a gift for the Daughter of a professor of engineering At the university of tokyo when the Teacher hiroshiburo ueno Saw him for the first time he noticed His legs were slightly twisted The professor believed they resembled The number 8 character in japanese Script Which is pronounced hachi deciding to Name him hachiko for this reason When ueno’s daughter grew up she married And left her home to live with her Husband But ichiko had become so attached to her Father and vice versa That he stayed where he was reno went to Work by train every day And hachiko became his faithful Companion every morning he accompanied Him to the sebuya station to say goodbye

He would also be there when his guardian Came back from work The event that changed hachiko’s life One day while teaching at the university Ueno suffered a cardiac arrest that Ended his life After this terrible event hachiko was Still waiting for him at the subure Station Day after day hachiko went to the Station at the time the train had Previously arrived And waited for ours the dog hoped to Find his best friend looking for his Face among the thousands of strangers Who passed by Days turned into months and months into Years a chico waited tirelessly for ueno For nine years Come rain snow or shine the assay Newspaper explained his story And hachiku began to be recognized by The inhabitants of cebua They were in charge of feeding and Caring for him as long as he was waiting At the station Due to the fidelity that hachiko showed They decided to nickname him the Faithful dog His fidelity caused much affection and Admiration That is why in 1934 they built a statue In his honor in front of the station Right where euchika was waiting for the

Professor hachiko’s death On march 8th 1935 hachiko passed away at The foot of the statue He died in the same place he had waited For its owner’s return for nine years Although the cause of his death was Unknown at the time and he was Considered to have died due to old age It was later discovered he suffered from Terminal cancer and heartworm This was determined in 2011 because his Body was dissected at the time of his Death and his records kept sent to the Museum of natural sciences in the ueno District of tokyo During world war ii all bronze statues Were recast to make weapons Including that of achico however a few Years later a society was created to Make a new statue Eventually takeshi ando the son of the Original sculptor was hired to replace The statue Today the hachiko statue is still in the Same place in front of the subure Station In addition on the 8th of april each Year he and his true devotion are Celebrated Tell us what did you think of this story Did you already know about him The truth is that the history of hachiko Touched the hearts of a nation and Continues to do so today

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