The Incredible TALKING GORILLA 🦍💬 KOKO’s Story

Do you know the story of the smartest gorilla in the world? Her name was Koko and she was able to use sign language, understand many English words, and even paint. Koko was a gorilla that left its mark on our hearts. Discover her fascinating story in this video from AnimalWised.



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Do you know the story of koko the Gorilla she was known as the talking Gorilla thanks to her extraordinary Abilities such as being able to Communicate with over 1,000 signs Understanding many English words and Even panting we share cuckoos Fascinating story in this animal wise Video Coco was a gorilla born on July 4th 1971 In San Francisco California at the time The person who become her best friend Penny Patterson was preparing her doctor In psychology at Stanford University Penny was interested in Coco as a Subject to help her complete her studies But she never imagined that she would Spend the rest of her life with her in Order to teach Coco sign language and to Communicate with her penny raised her Like a child every day she taught her Different signs that she also associated With their meaning the first signs Learned by Coco where gorillas eat and Drink at the age of five Coco already mastered two hundred signs Perfectly soon after Coco’s IQ was Calculated which turned out to be 85 Just 15 points below the average in Humans really impressive don’t you think Over time penny realized that gorillas Were already using a science system to Communicate with each other her work was To build in the foundations inherent in

The species gorillas sign language is Made up of a dozen signs but Coco was Able to learn more than a thousand words When she became an adult as if it wasn’t Incredible enough Coco understood English very well because every time Penny signed something she also Pronounced it in English the only thing That prevented Coco from speaking our Language were her vocal cords unable to Reproduce the phonemes that we humans Use after five years at the gorilla Foundation penny announced a cuckoo that They would welcome a baby gorilla named Michael at first cuckoo rejected him as A jealous child might reject a new Sibling after countless fights the Caregivers found a way to make them hit It off they locked him in a playroom Together and they ended up playing Coco Was very connected to her emotions and Never had problems expressing what she Felt Due to her great capacity for affection Penny offered her a kitten which cuckoo Called all ball his belief she gave this Name because the kitten had no till Unfortunately one night a truck ran over All ball and he died Coco was Heartbroken I was noted to have made Sounds similar to human crying Cuckoos fans mobilize in the wake of her Sadness and sent photos of kittens to Choose a new friend to adopt cuckoo

Picked two new cats naming them lipstick And smoking curiously they were also Both Manx cats with no tails the two Gorillas loved to paint Michael Especially they painted many works such As love earthquake and bird Demonstrating they were capable of Representing symbolic emotions Unfortunately on June 19 2008 Team Coco Died in her sleep at the gorilla Foundation the story of Coco and Michael Has left a great legacy and we hope that More people will realize that animals Also have conscience feelings and many Of them great intelligence if you want To discover another story of an Extraordinary animal we share a video About clever hands the smartest horse in The world tell us what did you think of This story leave us your thoughts in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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