The PIGEON That SAVED Hundreds of LIVES πŸ•ŠοΈπŸŽ–οΈ (Cher Ami)

βš”οΈπŸŽ–οΈ Cher Ami was a carrier pigeon who saved the lives of almost two hundred soldiers during the First World War. In this AnimalWised video, we explain everything that happened and how this heroic pigeon managed to save the lives of so many people. Do not miss it!



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Does the name share amy sound familiar To you She was a carrier pigeon that saved the Lives of almost 200 soldiers during the First world war Do you want to know her story we tell You about it in this animal-wise video [Music] The terrible situation our story takes Place in october 1918 When a group of over 500 us soldiers Were completely surrounded by german Enemy troops They were facing a desperate situation Since they were located behind enemy Lines without food Or ammunition to defend themselves after Their runners had been intercepted They had sent several messages by a Carrier pigeon but none were able to Reach for support They had all been shot down by the Germans as hundreds of soldiers were Dying The situation seemed hopeless their last Hope They only had one carrier pigeon left Cheremy Which means dear friend in french by This time u.s army reinforcements had Arrived but they began to shoot at the Coroner battalion Thinking they were german troops cheremy Was the last hope for the soldiers

Caught in the situation They wrote a message tied to jeremy’s Leg explaining where they were located And warning that their own artillery was Bombing her Share ami’s journey the pigeon flew at Great speed trying to reach her Destination but As soon as the germans saw her they Opened fire she was hit by enemy bullets And fell to the ground Although seriously wounded she managed To take flight again And make the long distance to reach her Destination She finally managed to deliver the Message and was able to save the lives Of almost 200 soldiers Due to the enemy’s attacks ceremony was Wounded in the chest and lost both a leg And an eye The army medical team quickly intervened To treat her and managed to save her Life Once recovered she was sent back to the United states with a prosthetic wooden Leg they had made for her Recognition of charming upon arrival in The united states Charming received the oak leaf warcross Medal she was not only awarded for Saving the lost battalion But for having delivered a total of 12 Important messages during world war 1.

Sadly cheramie passed away in june 1919 Due to injuries sustained during her Last mission at that time she was Awarded a gold medal from the organized Bodies of american racing pigeon Fanciers As thanks for her war service she was Also sent to a taxidermist to preserve Her body She is currently in the price of freedom Exhibition at the national museum of American history Alongside sergeant stubby another great Animal war hero If you still do not know the story of Stubby the dog who was promoted to Sergeant We explain all in this video are there Any other famous animals you’d like to Hear about in a video Leave us a comment if so and we’ll see You next

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